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RE: UK Downgrades nCoV-19, the Solutions are 5G & the "Digital Dollar", and Much More

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you are spot on as per usual... this is total bullshit just to replicate 5G social engineering here in the US like it is in Wuhan - and most people, even in the truth movement are falling for it - amazingly. Our solution is to move to our rural land and live as farmers off our land with our neighbors and give up city living. Hopefully they will leave us alone - but if not - we will have to stand up for our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... sadly I wish we had all bonded together when we had time, but we did not and I don't see it happening now until we are at the stage of Hunger Games... a ways away - likely humans are going to take it passed our limit of slavery - sadly - rather than practicing preventative measures.


Ya, it's pretty silly the way people so quickly start begging for their own [further] enslavement. I really wish we could just work out a deal with the statists to just let us have a place to opt out. Just one decent land-mass where they don't control everything... The Dispossessed plays out from that angle, and I could see it being more viable with space travel. Maybe we can convince Elon to shoot us all to Mars :-P

sadly I wish we had all bonded together when we had time, but we did not and I don't see it happening now until we are at the stage of Hunger Games

I get the sense that this is still a practice run/soft roll-out. They're going to see how far they can go with everyone giving them a big "yes," mostly play their stupid economic games, then ease back off. That way all the folks talking about Martial Law seem even crazier, because it wasn't so bad... They've been playing this game for 2000+ years now, I think they know better than to try and rush it.

I had thought that myself - and I sure hope it's one more bait and switch routine so that we have time to get our shit together. But not sure - people are so compliant this time that they may just take it a lot further... did you read the post about france? - of course I have to always keep in mind anything I see on the internet or tv could be fakery just whipping us up into a state of fear. I am trying to go within and just take steps slowly and thoughtfully.

Half joking, but France has been a push-over since WW2 :-P

I think it's also important to remember that the US (the people) has more guns than any other "citizenry," and while so many of the Trumpers/Qanon/right-wing folk are pretty off in some ways, they certainly do act as a good deterrent from hard-core government crackdowns

Some of the folks whose research & opinions I trust most are still seeing this as something like 70% economic, 30% incremental power grab, which has been my intuition on it as well.

Obviously, none of us know, event the folks at the top probably have different plans & intentions (certainly many governments have specific agendas this can help them with [like France shutting down the Yellow Vests finally], so I'm just relaxing, spreading calm awareness, and seeing what happens :-)

Thanks for that reminder - and my hope is that the citizenry of the US would actually use our weapons instead of just "having" them and hoping that somehow that is going to protect us from tyranny... but like you, I am - business as usual - and exempt from this bullshit.