MARTIAL LAW In Canada! - NEW Restrictions Imposed! - Police State Enabled!

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See the FULL video report up on BitChute HERE:

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the shocking new video out of Canada of Ontario Premier Doug Ford announcing new restrictions, the harshest restrictions yet. These restrictions involve a stay at home order where police are utilized to survey the streets day and night, pull anyone over who's drive or stop anyone who's walking, demand paper work and proof of reason to be outside.

People are also being told to continue to snitch on their neighbors and all the while, in places like Winnipeg, only 2 people can sit at a table in public and they must live in the same house with proof of identification.

Meanwhile, in Rotterdam, drones and helicopters are flying around demanding people go home.

New studies are also coming out about the dangers of vaccines, showing that the new vaccine actually makes it more likely for you to get sick. Well of course it does.

Also, the New York Times published a piece saying that people should stop hanging out with their unvaccinated friends. This is at the same time as mentally challenged people are force vaccinated via Operation Homebound in Los Angeles County and vaccines are being recalled across the board.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this insanity!


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I fucking hate Canada. I want to leave this socialist shit hole asap.

The US is just as bad. Where would you go? Look at it this way - you are on the frontlines, and this will all be over sooner for you than for the rest of us.

At least with castle law you can kill trespassers without asking twice.


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Man what we can do its orders from above

The anti-discrimination party doesn't recognize discrimination against a lifestyle. Did the NYTimes really say that? Given that the vaccinated appear to be the source of the variants, maybe I should stay away from them for my health.