The Truth And Scam Behind Times Person Of The Year

in #news5 years ago

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Times Person of the Year. Have they said something legitimate or is this another case of propaganda?

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I'm surprised that George Soros isn't man of the year for 2018,or I should deem George Soros as the Establishment's man of the year for 2018, you can thank the draconian censorship in part to George Soros, Luke, this isn't a plug for my post, but I was able to research Soros and tie even his stock purchases into events like the New York Times, becoming a Soros bullhorn, and the Censorship Purge's of Social Media, I have some original research on Soros that no one else in the truth media has talked about, the post consolidates several posts I did on Soros this year, this is just a hobby for me, If a full time Alt Media Journalist had the same information they could put together quite a slam dunk on 2018's Censorship, and other media manipulation's going straight back to Soros like one big giant Corporate coup d'etat, If anyone is interested in the information, the links to my posts are in this one link, all the information is documented with other links and articles. If anyone can build on this they will have one hell of a story


Bit like Obama winning a nobel peace prize

Shared. Thank you for your work Luke. I do not watch or read anything from Time magazine, or the Washington Post. I subscribe to your channels and watch everything you put out. I share a lot of it as well.

This honestly seems like an insult or an attack on the spirit of independent journalists out there. We all know you guys don't do it for popularity, or money or any other irrelevant reason. You're the real deal, they are the dishonorable whining losers because their job was to report legitimate information, to inform people.

We are very fortunate to have and follow journalists like you who tell us what is actually going on. Thank you.

This prizing of reporters and journalist of the main stream media, is part of the systematic establishment. To keep people in the loop of the globalist agenda.