What Do YOU Think is Riskier…Getting The Virus or Taking The Vaccine??

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In British Columbia no one has died under the age of 30 do to Covid-19(84),

there is an over 99% recovery rate for those who DO get it, meanwhile the vaccines are experimental, they’ve caused allergic reactions and even death!! So that begs the question…what’s riskier, getting the virus or getting the vaccine? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with random people on the streets of Vancouver to see if they are planning to take the vaccine and more importantly to education them with information they are not getting from the mainstream that may cause them to think again, do their own research and hopefully change their minds.

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It can be that the virus is changing and not affecting everyone the same way. There could an immense amount of reasons.

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Personally I’d rather get the virus than the vaccine. I had it in December and it wasn’t terrible and I haven’t seen any lingering effects at this point. The vaccine just comes off too rushed to me. I’m fine living with the antibodies I got from it and will skip the vaccine. It sounds horrible to say, and I joke with my friends, but whoever made the virus probably spent more time on making the virus than we did making the vaccine. Who knows for sure though. My rule is just to respect everyone’s opinion on if they choose to get it or not