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Recently all of the U.N. voted for sanctions on Russia.
Russia knows the U.S. economy is tanking. 20 trillion in debt.
Putin knows the U.S. needs another big war to sustain itself.
Putin knows Kim Jong would never negotiate,

Russia is going to let the U.S. attack N.Korea and this will become another Vietnam causing massive riots in the US.
All this rhetoric making Trump out to be the enemy of every station, his name is about to go down in history.
Lets be clear here he has no brains. But now you have your scapegoat!
During this civil uprising the U.S. will collapse and Russia does not have to do anything.
Just sacrifice a pawn on this chessboard.
Russia has stood for N.Korea all along and all of a sudden changes his mind.
This is my theory,,,,whats yours?


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