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The last few weeks have been a pretty wild ride. It was exhausting but also a great pleasure for the whole NextColony team. We thank all settlers for loyalty, a lot of input, and for exploring new planets to preparing for battle.

The final tests on the battle module have been completed and we are ready for the launch. The launch of the battle module is imminent.

Battle starts on
June 8, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

Until now the universe was quite a peaceful place and all the settlers have upgraded buildings, enhanced skills and prepared for battle. But now we give you powerful battleships, how will you deal with it? Will you suppress or protect your environment? You have the choice.

That's new:

  • Missions: attack/support
  • Improved mission overview & battle reports
  • 7 new battleships (rocket; free)
  • 7 new battleships (bullet; buy)
  • 9 new skills
  • Building: shield generator
  • New graphics for explorer and transporter
  • Revised FAQ

We have also solved a number of minor bugs and problems with the update.

That's what we're gonna do next:

  • A series of updates for battle
  • Explorer II: long range exploration
  • Explorer III: deep exploration
  • Distributing blueprints across the galaxy
  • Transporter II & III
  • Building: research center
  • Market (planets/items)

As soon as the battle module runs smoothly, we will announce the date for the launch of the market.

We would also like to thank @rafalski for the work on NextColony Stats and @scriptioner for the work on SpyColony.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Join the official Discord server now.

Resteem to the moon.

Stay tuned.

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I hope my Map become a good battle planner soon :D



Just put user name and click "Show" for better experience.
Planning to add more dynamic info to points soon to retrieve important data like resources, fleet and attacks.

With this, player, You can be always on time ;)

Very nice especially the overview of the galaxy map. Thus the statistics provide some analytics of what most are doing,as we could see the top right corner, missions of exploration into the void .

Definitely! Thanks for your great work for weeks. :)

Spectacular! Let the battles began!

Yes! Thanks for your enormous support!

Wow another pay to win game, drugwars in space... tell us when this game has an actually 3d element using @dlux-io

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Uhhh mal schauen wie es sich dann entwickelt, hoffe ich finde vorher noch mrinen zweiten Planeten xD

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Ich bin auch schon auf der Suche und drücke uns beiden die Daumen. :)

I just started my colony!

Okay, it's about time! :)

I'll make sure to attack it and prove to you this game is pay to win and thus no run for anyone to play but a few whales who might wanna have a dick measuring contest.... I wish this game wasn't hyped so much it is NOT going to be fun... drugwars was not fun... these games COULD be fun... but they are pay to play without a reason... pay to play CAN work if your game was actually fun and 3d and used @dlux-io which can help u build stuff 3d in

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What about steemmonsters?

Bro the game is #2 State of dapps after Steemit as #1...And I'm asking howwwwww??

What are the requirements to build each type of the new ships?

We'll announce that with the launch.

Let the battles begin :)

We'll be able to attack undefended players with only transporters? There will a limit of attacks on the same player?

No, not so far.

Space exploration games never make it, because the idea sounds fun, but it actually becomes boring and lonely pretty quick. What makes people come together and form clans is the pvp feature, there is always good against evil :D
Make it competitive and you will draw lots of players.

"Make it competitive and you will draw lots of players."

As you wish. :)

I have tried the game out. Maybe it is time.

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Congratulations @nextcolony!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

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Long await, bring it on now :D

Only 2 hours left. :)

I find it very counter productive that we need ship skills to max level in order to build something.

I also had to ask around when and how to build them because of it since there is not much of a manual/guide or tutorial.. 😕

It only said upgrade your shipyard to lvl 13 (which is weird in itself to build the most basic of ships) and not max level in each and every ship too, that was pretty disappointing to find out.

Anyway hope you guys keep updating this game because it has potential.

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Yes, you're right, that's why we have extended the FAQ considerably. Thanks! :)

Spannend, spannend, spannend.
Ich hoffe nur, die Kämpfe gehen nicht so bald los ... Schiffe aufleveln macht grad Spaß, aber ich hab ja noch keine physischen Schiffe fertig und fühl mich angreifbar.

Edit: habe gerade die Cookies Eurer Seite gelöscht, weil ich nicht den Eindruck hatte, die FAQ enthalte neue Informationen. Dann wieder eingeloggt und es hat sich nichts geändert. Keine Infos zu Battles oder neuen Missionen oder was weiß ich ... :)
Hätte ich auch die Steemconnect-Cookies löschen müssen?

Wir haben das Update noch nicht eingespielt, Möwe. Das machen wir heute um 22 Uhr, dann ist auch das FAQ da. :)

I am so excited i was waiting for a whole month for this update :) , and tomorrow will finnally be released.
Can't wait to see ^^.

It's been a pretty slow grind thus far... the calm before the storm?!

Thunder and Lightning?! I hope I don't get soaked!

I agree... It is going to be awhile before i'm exploring.
Hope I don't get demolished in the meantime.

"the calm before the storm?!"


Let's get the party started.

Ich bin gespannt. 😊😊😊

Wir auch! :)

Great news @nextcolony and I am sure that with new battleships battles will be much more interesting, well done!

We hope so. Thanks, @serkagan! :)

Hello guys can you please assist me in some way in order to resolve an issue I have while trying to enhance skills or buildings.Namely, I can't enhance anything regardless of the browser or device I'm using... Did you had complaints about it or?
Thanks :)

Go in the browser settings and clear all the cookies. I had this several times in the past, a d clearing the cookies solved the problem

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Thank you :D

Thank you very much! I will try this :)

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That should be the solution, @ocupation ans @lammbock.
Thanks, @steemmillionaire.

Alternatively, you can try signing out and logging back in. Works for me using SteemConnect.

I had the same problem. Only Chrome in my Desktop Computer works. Chrome on my mobile phone or the Brave Browser on my Desktop didn't.

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Ok battle begins, flagged because you buy bidbots for votes! You ruin steemit! Battle on!

Ok. :)

Wohin? :)

Das ist das nextcolony Pendant zu #läuft 🏃‍♂️🚀

Klingt gut.

I am afraid of battles.

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So am I. And I did not explore yet.

Me too.

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Make friends with the active settlers in your immediate vicinity. That's what I did.

Thanks for the advice.

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Ouch one month to soon for me. Guess it is better for me to invest in my bunkers :)

That's a good idea. My bunker's at level 12.

I just started to explore today and don't have any battle ship yet, but excited. Thank you for your hard working!

I'm afraid of battles, too. hope to survive

I hope so, too! :)

Oh no... i had better hurry up then.

Good idea, do it. :)


Thank you! :)

So you're meeting the set date for this expansion. Great!

What I would like to see is a in-depth declaration of the battle mechanics to allow for a detailed planning.

That was a huge challenge, yeah. Thanks, @sco! :)

I think it's a good idea if we don't give too much informations and give you the chance to find out. But the revised FAQ is quite extensive now.

This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

Thanks for the support, @ronel! :)

Thanks for the updates! Battle on!

Thanks for your loyalty! :)

Peace !

Peace oder battle?

Wow, exciting!

Wow the grind is so slow I can't even make ships yet. I am going to be a sitting duck i think

I can't build battleships yet either. Diplomacy is required at this stage.

I already have been. All of the ship skill requirements seem to be lvl 20 for building. How does that make sense? I have been grinding for weeks and cant build anything.

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We're currently not making this easy for you, that is true.

They are making it easy for their pay to play players to farm free players. That is all. Tis ok though because I am now testing the shield. There is no bashing rule either. Seems to me this game won't live long. Good thing I found steemnova

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Ok. :)
Don't worry, steemnova is also a cool game.

great news @nextcolony
Let's get the party started.

Yes! :)

thank you very much for your support @oliverschmid and @nextcolony

Cool, let's how things unflod from now on. I think that balancing will be of paramount importance since there are a few super lucky players with several planets out there.

Balancing will be a constant challenge, yeah.

You're already achieving one of the hardest goals which is delivering at the committed deadlines. Steem would be at least 10$ worth if Steemit Inc have ever complied with their self stabilised deadlines. You and your team have my respect for that.

sound great!

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Hope to see it develop into something exciting. It looks good but has been fairly quiet to this stage.

You're 100% right, we still have a lot to do. But we have passed a good milestone.

Everything is a working progress up to now so great to watch it coming together.

It's been a while since I have been there... Do I need to check it again to see if it is more interesting now??

The battle module is definitely another step in the right direction. But we still have a lot of work to do.

I like your update but I haven't army to fight yet.

As soon as the battle module runs smoothly, we will announce the date for the launch of the market.


I don't have the ship skills yet either. :)

I've been slowly building my stuff. I'm actually very happy with the current developments and I'm glad to be a par from the beginning. I feel so much better that I had built my bunker already.

Thank you for all your hard work :)


Long time eve online player and steemian reporting for duty.

Glad to have you here, @drumoperator! :)

Let the battle begin..

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ludi incipiant

Woow... The battle is gonna be damn interesting..

Definitely, @ezedende! :)

Tora vula jower lage ami valo base ne , bastobota onek kosto kor hoya taka , jani tui amar vasa bujta parbe na tie bolam🤐

Ich schätze Euer Projekt sehr und war über die Auktionen der besonderen Planeten auch sehr erfreut. Ihr habt damit gezeigt, dass es möglich ist, auf Steem gute Projekte zu finanzieren ohne dass man dabei sich maßlos am "Belohnungs-Pool" bedient.
Ich habe nichts gegen gekaufte Votes und bin aber auch der Meinung, dass man da immer ein gewisses Maß einhalten sollte.
Für mich ist dieses Maß mit gekauften Votes in Höhe von über $200 mehr als überschritten.

Ich bitte Euch mal ein wenig über ein solches Verhalten nachzudenken und hoffe sehr, dass Ihr andere Wege findet um Nexcolony zu einen erfolgreichen und fairen Projekt zu machen.

Ich wünsche Euch alles gute

Das ist Teil des Spiels hier auf steemit. Das ist übrigens ein Minusgeschäft. Wir kaufen Reichweite. Wir benötigen die Reichweite insbesondere im ersten Jahr. Da werden wir keinen Konsens finden, Ingo.

Ich danke dir für deine ehrliche Antwort.

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Dear #nextcolony ,We are ready to join the fight with your team. After losing. There is nothing to ignore him. In your specific presentation, your fluent speech is able to attract anyone. thanks to everyone

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