Dropping NFT at Rock Bottom Price

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Hi Friends.

In my last post I shared the news of my first NFT sale with you all and had promised to come back with a few NFT's with throwaway price. And as per my promise here I am with my Rock Bottom Price NFT Drop Announcement.

**Over the period of next two days I'll be dropping 4 or may be 5 NFT's with price ranging between 99 to 179 WRX. Converted to USD it is 110 to 200 USD as per the rates at the present moment. **These prices will be valid only for a short period after which I'll be restoring their price to actual offer price.

So in case you are planning to increase your NFT collection, or gift someone this is the best time you can buy my art. In case you ae planning to start collecting NFT then it will be my pleasure to be among the firsts in your collection.

I am leaving you with my current NFT gallery and a sneak peak into what I'll be dropping today.

KotiTeertha(Gokarna -VII).JPG
Koti Teertha - One of the NFT's which will be available at rock bottom price


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