Claiming of hidden NFT Prizes is live!! - $RAVEN Holders: Don´t forget to claim your NFTs until tonight!

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Hello guys! 😊

How are you doing?

It´s friday and this is the first weekend where I won´t work 12 hours a day! 🎉

I will relax as much as I can. Play games, watch series, and have a little stream tonight. A WOO pack opening stream. 😄
If you want to join, check out my event in the discord server.

I will open up all the Alpha packs I bought on monday. Hopefully having the same luck as before!! 😂
There will also be nice music and some giveaways of course. 😊

The event will take place at 9pm CET tonight.

Back to the main purpose of this post. 😄

Claiming of the prizes that are hidden in the Halloween NFTs is now live! 🎉

In order to get your prize, you need to come to our Discord and use the ├🏅⧽nft-prize-claiming channel.

You can find exact instructions in the pinned post of this channel.

If your NFT is backed with a prize, you can see in the description of the NFT, like in this example.


Please once again, support the awesome artist who drew the NFTs! 💜
Check her Instagram page.

Guys also don´t forget to claim your NFTs. They are still claimable until tonight my time.

Here are the links again to everything you need to know to claim your NFTs!

Drop #1

Drop #2

I wish you fun with your drops and I hope to see you claiming some prizes in the Discord! 🎉

I wish you a great day! 💜

Best regards,


I still need the wax wallet addresses of the following people for the next drop:
@pizzaexpress @polarmystro @alic3wund3rl4nd @taskmaster4450 @hive-183741 @tfranzini @tokenizedsociety @synergized
You can either submit the address in my Discord server, or send an email to [email protected] Thank you guys! 😊

Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Too cool!

Thanks =) !PIZZA

Very nice collection of NFTs!
Have a !PIZZA

Thank you! =) !PIZZA

I wish you luck on the pack openings! Hopefully you get some rare WOO cards you can mine with and get even more WOO (:


Hey! :) Thanks so much!! I hope so too. Pretty excited already... !PIZZA



Thank you so much! =) !PIZZA

My WAX balance is too small to get that NFT.

If someone can send me over 5 WAX (address: gkzri.wam), I would send back 1 Hive.

I'll send you 5 wax just now, Slothlydoesit is the hive name! Good luck claiming the NFT!

Sent. should be in your wallet already, meant to screenshot for proof, cant find the transaction now lol.

Awesome, thanks! Just sent the Hive to you.

@slothlydoesit Thanks for taking care of this so quick. If you need anymore help, please let us know. :) !PIZZA

All good, Sloth's are known for their super speed :D


hahaha! !PIZZA

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