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Hi friends,

Welcome to today’s edition of visualize and verbalize where we create with our words.

I was talking to a friend today and she told how she was in a bad place mentally, emotionally and financially by this time last year. She said she didn’t have peace because she wasn’t satisfied with the progress she had recorded in life. She wanted more and needed to live a more fulfilling life, so instead of wallowing is self pity. She began to speak! She spoke words in the direction of her desires, and guess what? While we were having this conversation she was all joyful because she’s obviously in a better place just in a period of one year.

The morale of the story is that this thing works. Don’t stop speaking.

Here is my affirmation for today;

I boldly declare that I am I am in tune with God. My eyes see, my ears hear. My heart is established in truth. I live in God's perfect will and I am swift to deploy my spiritual endowments and abundant resources to promote God's agenda upon the earth.

Thanks and till tomorrow.