Ready to celebrate Norway?

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17th of May in 1814, Norway got their own constitution. Every year this day is celebrated with the Norwegian people feeling proud, and the national feeling being especially strong. Some important key words involving May 17th is children, royalty, speeches, flags, parade, music played by "korps" (a sort of band), ice cream, pride, champagne for breakfast, and last but not least our national costume, bunad.

Unfortunately, I have one problem preparing for May 17th 2018. My bunad does not fit me anymore... This is hard for me because it will hurt a lot to wear it. Still, I can not not wear it, because it is Norways constitution day and bunad is obligatory to wear if you have one (not really, but still). I also love wearing it and feel proud to show it off. The only downside this year is that I am no longer as skinny as I were when I was 15 years old...

Here is a picture of me in my bunad. My bunad is a Nodlands bunad, which is the bunad that belongs to the county I am from. In this picture I am 15 and my bunad fits me just fine.

I am hoping to have better luck getting into my bunad next year. In the meantime I just have suck the gut in.

Wish me luck


You look lovely, what a gorgeous costume. If I were you, I would alter the costume, not yourself. You're only supposed to be as skinny as you were when you were fifteen, when you were fifteen.

Thank you so much:) Absolutely, that’s the plan! I just forgot to do it in time for yesterday... Nooo, that would be unhealthy!!

Beautiful 😍😇

Its about time you had two Bunads...

It is a little too expencive to have two, I will have someone adjust my bunad and make it a little bigger instead

You are very beautiful, hopefully your day is fun and always successful yes, I love about your life dear😊😊😊

Thank you! Hope you had a good day😊

Yes,thanks dear😊😊😊

Gratulerer med dagen!
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Ha en god 17 mai feiring! Det enkleste er bare å sy ut bunaden til neste år :D

Det e planen! Gratulere med dagen!❤️