Some People Walk in the Rain, Others just get Wet!

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ntopaz-image-0Hello Everyone,
I found another good click from my Photo Gallery. In this post I am going to share a Rainy Moment which was captured by me.

This photo is so meaningful. It's just a wet window of a local bus. I was on the bus and the rain started. When the bus was stopped by a traffic jam then I clicked this awesome moment.

The photo has two different kind of meaning. The Insided person of the window was enjoying the rainfall and it was also a relaxing moment for him. But on the other side, the passersby were trying to go to their own destination without any hesitation. That's why they're running to stay dry. By the way I was the insided person of that moment.

I can remember that awesome day. As a student I love the Rainy season most. Because on that season I have got a reason to not go to my classes. Hope you all will like my capture.

All images, photographs, and content are my own, unless otherwise noted.

Device Details

Device Model Xiaomi MI Note 3 Pro
Camera Details 16MP Rare Camera
Editing App SnapSeed Photo Editor

Thanks to @ntopaz for creating this awesome platform. Thanks to @steemterminal for guiding us as a #redfish. Specially Thanks to @wesphilbin sir for his biggest support.

Thank you,


That is a wonderful capture! Excellent job with this! 💙

Thank you ma'am.

Great idea to take rain as a subject for photography.
Where is your professional footer ?

Ntopaz website gives only one option to upload photos which is situated in the top of a post. That's why I couldn't upload my footer on this post.

Did you try to EDIT on

Oops! I forgot. Next time I will be adding ny footer on my posts. Thank you ma'am for appreciating.

Lovely photography capture of the rain from inside the bus. You can see the outsiders in their rain gear scrambling to get to their destination without getting too wet.

I love the rain too, esp. when I'm indoors 😁😁

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A rainy afternoon with playing of the favourite songs is blessing.

Great post and love the dual meaning of the photograph! As others have said, you can create generic templates in Steempeak .. add your footers, banners, signatures and etc. Save as "Generic Template" then just add new title, photo, and content. Give it a try, and do keep up the good work !tip

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