[Announcement] Official end of nTOPAZ service / [공지] nTOPAZ 서비스 공식 종료 발표

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Hello, everyone. This is nTOPAZ.

It's been 18 months since the nTOPAZ service started.

nTOPAZ, which began with a big dream of "social network for global talented people," is now saying goodbye to its service over the past two years.

We have struggled for quite a while to find a breakthrough, but feel sorry for the fact that we have to come to this conclusion.

However, including repeated trial and error to build the nTOPAZ service has cost me about US $800,000 in property losses over the past three years.

In addition, I have felt much hurt by the members of the team who have left, but I hope all of these will be an opportunity to grow further.

Although the most devastating blow was the takeoff delay caused by chronic development issues and the failure of subsequent development personnel operations, we also hope to evolve into a good experience in the future.

The nTOPAZ service is officially terminated as of today (January 31, 2020).

However, we are plan to support voting through the both accounts(@Artisteem and @nTOPAZ) during the next 13 weeks of power-down.

During this time, nTOPAZ users will be given time to back up their personal works or data.

In addition, I offer my deepest apologies to all of you who have failed to live up to expectations through TOPAZ Token, who have trusted and supported SP Sponsors, and the Community Roles(Coordinators & Curators) who have worked hard to improve the nTOPAZ service.

Especially, to the leaders of the nTOPAZ, including @Smeralda, @Livvu, @Georgeboya, @Catwomanteresa, who silently performed the leader's role even in difficult situations.

I bow my head to thank you and express my apologies.

Each and every one of you is TOPAZ, glittering jewels.

I was happy during the time we were together.

Thank you.

January 31, 2020





여러분 안녕하세요? 엔토파즈입니다.

여러분과 함께 한 시간이 어느덧 18개월이 되었군요.

"글로벌 재능인들을 위한 소셜네트워크" 라는 큰 꿈을 안고 시작된 엔토파즈는 이제 지난 2년여간 이어온 서비스에 이별을 고하고자 합니다.

적지 않은 시간동안 고민과 돌파구를 찾기 위한 몸부림이 있었지만 이런 결론에 이를 수 밖에 없는 현실에 안타까운 마음이 큽니다.

엔토파즈 서비스를 만들기 위해 겪었던 시행착오로 인해 지난 3년간 개인적으로 8억에 달하는 큰 재산적 손실을 입었고, 떠나간 팀원들로 인한 마음의 상처도 적지 않았지만 이런 모든 것들이 한단계 더 성장하는 계기가 되기를 소망해 봅니다.

고질적인 개발이슈와 후속 개발인력 수급실패에 따른 도약 지연이 가장 치명적인 타격을 주었지만 이 또한 좋은 경험으로 승화시키길 기대합니다.

nTOPAZ 서비스는 금일(1/31일)부로 공식종료를 선포합니다. 다만, 향후 13주간의 파워다운 기간중에도 작품 보팅(@Artisteem + @nTOPAZ)은 지원할 계획입니다.

이 기간중에 nTOPAZ 유저들은 개인적인 작품이나 데이터에 대한 백업을 하실 수 있도록 시간을 드립니다.

아울러, TOPAZ Token을 통해 기대에 부응하지 못해 드린 점, 믿고 후원해 주신 SP Sponsors 분들과 nTOPAZ 서비스의 발전을 위해 불철주야 노력해 주신 Community Roles(Coordinators & Curators) 여러분들께 깊은 사죄의 말씀을 드립니다.

특별히, 어려운 상황에서도 Leader의 역할을 묵묵히 수행해 준 @Smeralda, @Livvu, @Georgeboya, @Catwomanteresa 를 비롯한 nTOPAZ의 주역들에게 머리숙여 감사와 함께 미안한 마음을 전합니다.

여러분 한사람 한사람 모두가 반짝이는 보석과 같은 TOPAZ 들이었습니다.

여러분과 함께 했던 시간동안 행복했습니다.


2020년 1월 31일

nTOPAZ 드림.


I am deeply sorry for this. I want to thank the opportunity you gave me, it was a nice experience and I learned a lot about curation. I won a big contest by Oracled talking about nTOPAZ so I will always thank your existence. I want to thank specially to @Smeralda and @Georgeboya for all your help not only to me but a lot of great artist from Steem Blockchain. You supported a lot of people and made them believe on themselves. Thanks for everything @ntopaz.

You honor me a lot but i do not think i did so much,lol.

I want to thank you and your team for their support! Thanks a lot!
It hurts to read it. But, I wish you compensation for all losses. It is possible that you are on the right track.

I am very sorry for this, a social network in which I believed a lot. I'm sorry for your financial loss and for losing a place to share art and music.
Thanks for all your support.
Good luck.

Feeling so sad. I really believed you and I made so many posts over ntopaz even I made a post yesterday. This announcement is really heartbreaking.

This is sad and heartbreaking news for me. nTopaz had supported me at my bad time on steemit. i never forget your support "THANK YOU" . it is really hard to run platform with financial losses.

Its sad to see you going. You're the one whi supported many artists on Steem platform but I understand that financial constraints stop is doing many things. Hope you well in future.

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How sad, thanks to you, I got better benefits in previous years than any group, they made me try harder and motivate me to participate with their contests.
Thank you very much for everything Ntopaz. 👋🙁

Pretty bad to hear the sad ending. Sorry to hear the loss incurred in building a great platform. Must appreciate all the effort put in by each individual out there....trully magnificent in praising some great work of the artist....I personally invited many user looking at the bright prospect. ....glad such begining happened on Steem hope to see a turnaround some day. Thank you for all the support

So sad you are saying good bye to this platform after two and a half years. It's really nice having this platform around because it supported and motivated creators like me to keed doing. We will forever have you at heart.

Goodbye ntopaz😢😢

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It's quite surprising to see the end. Love nTopaz, no matter what. And wish to see something good in the future.
I and I'm sure many others will miss nTopaz. It's been a wonderful journey.

I'm very sorry to hear this.
nTOPAZ is one of Steem's great projects.
May he find better conditions in the future and return.

Thank you @ntopaz and @joeypark!

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No puede ser, esto es realmente triste, considere mucho a Ntopaz con uno de los mejores proyectos de apoyo a la comunidad artistica. Mucho apoyo recibi de ustedes, lo cual estoy agradecida. lamento demasiado su cierre, les motivo a continuar por favor, replantearse y esperar un poco, que el desanimo no les embargue, mantengan el positivismo, vendrán dias mejores, no pierdan la fe.

Don't worry !! Everything will be ok !!

Yo también inclino mi cabeza, extrañare esta plataforma. Hicieron lo mejor que pudieron. <3

I refuse, I refuse the idea of the closure of this project, there is always something that can be done, always. This is too heartbreaking and sad.

Esto es una lamentable noticia en verdad . . . Sin palabras y muchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nostalgia . . .

I'm so sorry about this...
You have been amazing to me and all who share art with us.
I really hope everything goes right with you and wish you the best.
Thank you for being here.

Sad news indeed @ntopaz, i had a lot of fun and get to know people that now i consider my friends. You supported a lot of artists and the platform was an interesting experiment, maybe way ahead of its time. We all make mistakes and we all learn from them. On thing that maybe you should give a thought is that a lot of people delegated to ntopaz account and got tokens for this. Tokens that are of no value, its only fair to give to delegators sth back, maybe in votes or steem:)

Wow, those are some really huge losses. How did that even happen? I'm sad to see you go, even though I'm not an artist and never posted through your platform. 😮

Saludos que lamentable, gracias por brindarnos ese apoyo en las publicaciones que participamos en cada uno de sus concursos.

Wuaooo es increíble lo que acabo de leer, una de las comunidades que me abrió sus puertas y en la cual me sentía feliz era esta. Espero que todo marche bien. Me despido con dolor.


Unfortunate news! It is very sad that a wonderful project says goodbye, however, each experience is enriching and we must take each mistake and transform it into a learning

We're very happy to have been part of this project, we met amazing people who are our friends today, we grew up as artists and we grew up as people.

Many successes in the future @ntopaz, a pleasure to work with you.

Very sad news. I wish there were another solution...!

This is really sad news for everyone in the community, we hope to see again the brightness of ntopaz on a new occasion, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of the team of coordinators in these last 12 months, it was a wonderful experience.

Thanks for the opportunity to meet great artists, Brilla Always Ntopaz, see you later.

Well at least you're announcing your withdrawal and your reasons are acceptable, thanks for the repeated occasions I participate in which I win...and we are waiting for the official currency. Now I ask you: What was accumulated and generated? with that I stay like this.

I'm so sorry to read this post, and I will really miss posting with you. Best of luck on all future endeavors.

눈물이... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

oww... that is very sad.... i didn't read any post recently so i missed it and i just posted another work on ntopaz....
this was a good platform.... I was really very happy when i first found it because there aren't a lot in steemit that support artists.....

this is very upsetting...
sorry for all your loss and thanks for everything

so sad news for us @ntopaz please vome back sir we are waiting for you.please

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maybe we should try to cooperate, Musicoin Foundation could support all you effort to provide a service for music
Your dream is very important for us, because we have the same
big dream of "social network for global talented people,"

So before quit please here our proposal

Sad to see this :(

Sorry to hear that... Might be a good wake up call to those who think just the voting rewards are enough to keep a company afloat.. takes more blood sweat and tears..

Sorry to hear it was a lot of tears and never grew into what you truly wanted..

Hi @Ntopaz as everyone here I would like to thank you for such amazing experience from all the Artists to be able to use the platform for displaying their works. You have had a great idea with creating a gourp of curators and coordinators who guided the people and encouraged them, you are like a light in the darkness and many newcomers felt themselves like home. The hard working team of @Ntopaz did very good job which is time consuming and needed a lot of love to Art to be able to find a gemstone and show their lights.

Thank you for being there, you left your print in Steem community!

It is sad news, it was really a unique experience that I had in this museum, in this house. Could it be that we meet in the near future? maybe yes. Infinite luck for the whole team.

Iam very sorry to hear this. I have the greatest respect for the work you all put into the project. Its also time for me to thank specially to @Georgeboya for onboarding me here and all the others that made that year so much home. for the future i wish all the artists to find a new home for their art here on Steem.

WOW!!! What a bad news, I had not seen this... because yesterday was that my Internet returned but if I realized that things were rare until I clashed with this post and I realized the reason.

This is very unfortunate, in #Ntopaz, I met many interesting people and artists, great people that thanks to you I could afford to meet you, it was a great project and I am filled with nostalgia to read that now they are saying goodbye... I would like That they have not had such losses and that the project continues, I can only say goodbye and wish them well.

Thank you very much for letting me belong to the team and supporting me in many moments since I entered the platform... very grateful to @Ntopaz, it really hurts that they are saying goodbye. :(

the worst notice :(
Aprecio infinitamente todo el apoyo que recibí del equipo de Ntopaz, fue un gran proyecto y ojala en algún momento esta idea pueda resurgir de las cenizas.