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Hey dear steemiaN



Hey guys i hope you all are doing well.My days really going busy because of so many work.Because its free time so i am just trying to focus on my house so many work.Also just trying to help my mom.Because she just trying to do so many household things.Anyway Here people are so tens recently.But i hope soon all will okay in our life.


Days really going boring. But i am enjoying my time with my mom and sister.Its first time i am spending my lots of time with my Mother. Also i spent my time with my sisters also. Anyway we are so much tens because of covid-19 but in all of these matter we get chance also spent my time with our families.

I hope people will remind this days later when they will be busy again in their life.Because its rare to get so much time like recent.I hope many are enjoying this recent free time with their lovely family.But i will just pray for all stay safe.

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Negative and positive thoughts about beauty



Anyway guys lets talk about today something really effecting negative and positive both side in our life.I hope you can guess what matter i am trying to say.Its about BEUATYNESS IN OUR LITE IN EVERY SECTOR.

We all want beautyness in every sector, in everything.As i seen no one like ugly any elements or any face.All just want to ignore im their life uglyness from their life.Yes we are doing because we are human. We can choose what we want or what we dont want in our life.

I know for so many things beauty is important matter in our life.Because of not have beauty beauty many can people can be ignored by their crush.Its happened many times.But i dont think for our life beautyness

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negative and postive effect in human life



Hey i know in human life beautyfull face can give someone to chance for win so many things.Specially if you want to be actor or want to be model.Then it will may be help you for some year and may be one day you will be one success model or actor.

But one beautiful face will not be with you always. Every natural beauty have to destory one day.We all know that.Beauty can give you one chance for make something in your life. But with beauty you have to win peoples hurt also with your good behave.

You have to keep it in your mind that if your behave rude no one will remind you after your death.Also so much beauty always makes someone cruel with others. We all know that.Because of so much beauty people behave always be like arrogant.

When someone have so excessive beauty they think they will get in their life something better in their life.They always do mistake to choose their life partner also.Because they dont give respect others emotion because of their beauty.So i think its one bad matter.

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Let me tell you one recent story..

My friend just tell me he want to marry.Then i asked did you seen any girl yet.He just told me yeah i am seeing. But he is not getting any beautiful girl yet like his choice.

After seeing his this text i feel little weird.I know people want always something good.I will say every have right to choose better one.But i think for choose one life partner we should not judge for their face.All people cant be beautiful.I think for judge someone first we should judge his or her mentality, behave, one pure mind.

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In human life i will say negative and positive both are related.But we shouldn't ignore people for beauty. Because if someone haven't have enough may be they have great mentality or may be their behave more good than one beautiful people.

I just want to say also guys in human or nature beauty is one source of joy. But we shouldnt do anything wrong because of beauty.Human and nature both have to end one day.

We should use beauty for source of joy.But we shouldn't judge people to seeing their face.I will say judging to seeing someone beauty may be for that we have to suffer full life.

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Because with just beauty people cant be spent their long life.With one beautiful face people need also thers mentality also.If you have one beautiful face but not have any talent, not have good behave or good mentality to help others. Then i will say yourr life will be like tasteless water.

We human have power to choose right and wrong everything. So we shouldn't do thats type any wrong thing.If you want to be beautiful then i will say first make your mind beautiful,second try to do help others and try to do good behave with others. Also try to make onw pur mind.I hope it will make one beautiful person then.

Anyway guys i just shared my personal thoughts about it today in my blog.Because in recent life people just love to be beautiful. No one want to be one beautiful person.But i will say one good caracter is really important in human.

Because i think in human life honesty, well behave is really one important matter.These things will make you alive after your death in others people. That will make you as success human in this world. Only beautiful face,money can't give you give you happiness.

So guys i shared my opinion today in my blog.But i will suggest also we shouldn't judge people because of their face.Please make one wise decision.Choose your dear one to seeing their great mentality, honesty, talent.!

Let me know what your thinking also about it.Any feedback will make me happy...

Thanks a lot for reading my blog.
Stay safe
Stay bless

Take care..all...



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