OCD Sportstalk Incubation Curation Update

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It is that time of the week to see how things have been going and things are improving. Last week was dismal to say the least regarding the Sportstalk Tribe growth and it looks like it was just a blip as we have grown by 17 new accounts this week. A total of 1040 is moving in the right direction and thinking honestly we should be aiming for 2000 as soon as possible. With everything that is happening on Hive I think we can get there far quicker than what we might think. We have nearly grown by 50% in size since @ocd came onboard which is scary considering it has not been that long. Where would we be right now as a tribe without them?

This week 20 posts were submitted through for curation even though we missed out on one day as the variety and quality just wasn't there. There were a couple of posts I had to let go as those users had just received an upvote and this is all about sharing not being dominated by an elite group giving everyone a chance.

Sports is one of the only tribes from what I can see where we have posts that have some decent material but are what I would call half done. Add your own thoughts around the story and finish it off as curating a post of 150 words is not happening when you compare what some users are offering. This makes no sense as why earn 10c when you could earn $10 for a little more effort. I do get frustrated when opening a post to see a 1 or 2 minute read as I just close it and move on.

In order to grow the tribe we do need more engagement and I read @uyobong asking for everyone to do 20 comments a day which I think is a good call. This is not hard and will not take too long to achieve as it is a small sacrifice in the bigger picture. I stole his idea using Alexa below as it is that important to highlight this.

We as a tribe need to be making more waves and the first target as to be in the top 500 000 which should be simple with a little team effort. I believe it is time for a push on upvoting comments and trying to build up an active community through engagement.

The average daily page views per user is 3.8 and only 4.6 minutes on the site which is not exactly brilliant. I know the front end is seriously off putting for new users who are looking to see what Sportstalk is about as we are swamped in actifit posts and is a serious problem. This out of anything is going to stop new users from outside joining whether you like it or not.

In my mind an actifit post should not be trending blocking the sports content that should rightfully be there and why the proposal for the 50 percent penalty tax is that important. Maybe the proposal could be just for the actifit posts first and we see how that works.

I just don't see any other way of fixing this as if we don't the trending page will always be broken. The community needs to decide on this and I don't believe many got involved in last weeks proposal as maybe they were just unaware. That proposal was to tax all posts submitted from other sites besides Sportstalksocial. Maybe that was too harsh and a compromise would be just to tax actifit posts so we can at least fix the trending page. Maybe a separate section for these posts so they aren't reflected on the feed as well would help but that maybe a step too far.

It would be great to hear everyone's thoughts on this and any concerns that need raising we raise now so as a community we can fix this. Any ideas would be welcome as I do think we need to try this voting thing again and start to improve what we have here right now. Other tribes don't have this problem and this is unique to the sports community. Checking it this evening it is surprisingly not a major issue, but it normally is.


A buddy that I shall not name directed me to the wrong community to post my sport article, now I know that Sportstalk exist, I will post here. Cheers!

You're welcome here. Will eb glad to read your quality sports contents.

Really glad you have joined us and look forward to reading your posts.

Thanks ^^ Great initiatives deserve attention!!!

don't know why your post never showed up in sports after changing the tag as voted and didn't come onto the feed. Next time as your post was really good and would have made much more.

Ah it's ok, next time buddy.

Welp, you saw what happened to Overeem...

My opinion on the proposal to reduce the reward of those who do not use sportstalksocial.com by 50% at the moment does not seem to be good, as we are trying to force users to use a website that has several issues that should be resolved for be user friendly.

For example for me the question of the text editor of the posts is something that should be updated so that people don't have to be writing style guides, as this is quite archaic. Another situation is that it makes it difficult to find new relevant posts due to being always full of post from actifit.

In my opinion currently the proposal should be to enjoy the reward of those who publish posts that use the sportstalk tag in other communities. This I think would help to solve part of the problem related to the farm of our token.

When our front-end was updated to be more user-friendly then we could have a proposal to reduce the rewards for those who do not use our front-end.

But this is my humble opinion.

"In my mind an actifit post should not be trending blocking the sports content that should rightfully be there "
I find it ironic that you vote with I think 100% on @erikahfit actifit posts that have usually only a pic and a couple of lines of post. Maybe stuff like that is what discourages people from getting involved.
The only reason an actifit post makes trending is because a person votes it there. For most of the new posters and many sportstalk members actifit is the only way for them to express themselves. For you to think you have the right to take away their voice and income I would like to tell you how I am in the possession of 58 million sports tokens. Thanks to you for nearly dropping down the price of sports tokens to nearly zero by driving away everybody you self-righteously think didn't belong here I got to buy up lots of tokens really cheap. Thank you very much. Maybe you are wanting to drive down the price again so you don't miss out a second time.

You are actually right as I vote her 50 percent I think as actually haven't looked and yes I need to adjust it. I am not trying to drive anyone away and quite the opposite. Thanks for pointing this out as it is an honest oversight as never adjusted this from day 1.
No you were right it was set at 100% and has now been removed. That is the problem with auto voting. Thanks again for pointing this out and have removed some others as well.

Thank you for your actions. The problem isn't actifit. We need the traffic that it brings. The problem is the little people see that the rich people don't play fair, they overly reward themselves. So they either go away or try to cheat the system themselves. @uyobong.sports found out how to really play the game well. I'm hoping more people follow in his footsteps. That is what is best for our tribe.

I agree it is the growth and overall increase in the traffic. I know I have changed over the last 6 months spreading the vote where I can. The curation I am doing with ocd is helping and being as fair as possible looking for new users to help kick start them on. This will take time and things do need to improve as sometimes you feel as though you are fighting the system on your own. I am not a spokesmen for the community and just trying to help as I do believe we can improve this place. You have invested heavily and also need to be protected in what you have at stake so this is something we should all be working towards as a team with a common goal. I agree posting 3 or 4 times a day self voting doesn't help either and this has been a problem for some time and it isn't fair on smaller accounts and why manual voting should be happening.

We need to find a balance and honestly don't know what the answer is as we are having around 75% actifit posts and the balance in sports posts. To grow the community we need sports posts to trend and have no problem with an actifit post that has some body to the post trending. This needs to have thought put behind this and maybe this can only be raised when the front end is updated. This is why as a community we need to raise things and I am happy you have.

So glad to read a comment from you. I hope you won't miss to vote the proposals that are coming up in a few days.

The numbers can only grow. We need the tax on non-natives as soon as possible as this will again push further the use of STS end. Thanks for your efforts. I thought I made it to your curation list this week. Hmmm

You did make it on the list this week. We need to work out something that is fair and keeps everyone happy as a community. Not sure penalizing actifit is the answer and this needs to be thought out carefully. Maybe a separate feed is the better option.

Sure, I really salute your resilience in maintaining this OCD curation. Keep the good work.

Not sure penalizing actifit is the answer and this needs to be thought out carefully.

For me, I think a quality actifit post still deserves the curation.