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Hello everyone who is dihive
How is everyone? Are you all right?

My name is Muhammad Rizki, I am a student at one of the universities in Indonesia, namely Syiah Kuala University, Electrical Engineering study program, I am currently sitting in the final semester.


I was born in an area on the island of Sumatra, precisely in Aceh, Indonesia. I used to study at MIN Kuta Blang, after I went to school at that school I continued my education to MTsN Lhokseumawe for 3 years, where when I was at MTsN I got a lot of my life experiences from childhood to adolescence, after graduating from MTsN I continued My education to the next level, namely entering SMKN 1 Lhokseumawe, now when I reach this level my life experience has increased and is memorable until now, my best friend.


I'm currently studying in Aceh, here I'm sitting in my last semester, I'm very happy to study here because I get a lot of useful knowledge, also during college I also read a lot of books that made me know more about various things to improve myself, also here I often discuss to understand the various books I read as well so that I can exchange ideas with someone who has far more knowledge than me

So that's from my introduction. I hope the community friends who are here are happy with what I write, thank you all


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