Searching for the true love relationship

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People talk about love, experience to be love and be loved.

What is love? can you define love?

What is the purpose of love?

as the sayings,

Love moves in mysterious ways,
Love can bring the mountain upside and down.

but this is saying that intrigue me in terms define the true love relationship,

hence this is the actual reflection in a realistic way in the human mind of interpretation ^_^,
well here it goes, that sayings'

"Love is like bubble gum that its so sweet
when you chew it in your mouth,
but slowly the sweetness will be fading gone in time."

This is common when you got a relationship with your sweetheart or partner in life,
or should we say your boyfriend and girlfriend?

in 2-3 months, you're both in love and very sweet to each other,
but in the long run of relationship,

you will discover the true bad character of your partner
slowly time after time you both change to each other,
then suddenly when you wake up at the 1st thing in the morning,

you realized that you're felt out of love with your partner in life.

Your love for the person gradually grows faint and disappear.

will this be happening, in reality, am I right?

then your partner Suddenly realized that she/he are the victim of

"I love you forever "

thin you will say the opposite disfiguration definition about love it self.,

Love hurts in a mysterious way.
Love can bring a person upside and down.
Love will make things uglier than you think.
Love is not so sweet after all.

you will become resentful because of one's bad experiences about love relationship

in short, you will transform yourself into a bitter person.

then you will play fire to fire, playing more emotions to another person,
playing a relationship from one and to another.

You become more reluctant to love one person even by yourself.
sex without love intervenes with your feelings.
you become wilder and wilder,
you will never believe in love anymore.

then this will mislead you searching for a true love relationship.

but I tell you, my friend.

You wonder why are your relationship keeps falling and always a big mess.

this will reveal everything.

Revelation 2:4

"But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first. "

this bible verse is a very good reflection.

why you can't find your true love

You can find true love relationship by finding your first love,

then the question of who is your first love?

the answers,

Your love to the father in heaven through Yeshua the Christ itself.

yes, there is no perfect relationship in this world,

but in relation to the Lord our God, it makes things perfect.

let the lord will be the center of your relationship,
let the Lord guide your ways, let his love overflow over your soul.
let his love shines upon your hearts and lets his wisdom and love.

1 John 4:19

We love because he first loved us.

the lord God love you first, and the Lord God is your first love.

The love of the lord is the precious gems that we ever had in life.
his love is forever through Christ the Lord.
nothing can make it away from us.


1 John 4:16

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us.
God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.

Seek the love of Yeshua the Messiah,(the love of Jesus Christ)

Just like a tree that can bear good fruit,
which the fruit of the spirit of Gods love,
joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
and faithfulness through his presence.

Seek 1st the kingdom of God's Love and all things you desire about true love relationship will be yours.

not only, you will find physical love but emotional and spiritual love through Jesus Christ the Lord.

his the perfect partner in life. his love is forever and ever.

Amen and Amen


Hi, this is mrblu at your service.

I hope that you will be blessed with this blog.

I pray that you will find your true love relationship with the presence of Jesus Christ.

I pray that your love life will be Bless as Jesus Christ will always be your center to your beloved relationship to your partner in life.

I pray that your family will be protected by the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I pray that you will have more blessing in life with good health and earn much in God's favor
with his true guidance and wisdom.

I pray that you will be successful in life.
that all the sickness will be gone in an instant,
and the Lord God will prepare the way when seems will no way.

May the lord peace, love, and his presence be with you forevermore.

-Amen and amen.