Helping with my sons dream (and still my dream)

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When I was 18 years old I bought my first car, an Opel Ascona B model from 1979. This car had a 1.9 liter engine. From then on it was my favorite car. Despite being a 'cheap' car, a bit of a banger car, it was THE car for me. After the 1.9 I bought a 2.0 SR with my saved money. This was, at the time, the top model of the Ascona. A two-liter engine with a two-stage carburettor. The car was completely repainted but I didn't have the money to further expand the car, I was about 20 years old at the time.

Since my youngest son got his driver's license (he's only 17, so he can't even drive alone haha) he's been looking at cars and sharing my passion, the Opel Ascona. He had set his sights on this car, but we are now 30 years later and you hardly see them (at least in the Netherlands) anymore, so I warned him that it could be difficult to find a good copy.

He has searched all over the internet, joined all kinds of Facebook groups and I went with him several times to look at Asconas for sale. Often they were in very bad condition or people really asked for the top prize. But in the end we succeeded on the other side of the Netherlands. A Frog-green 2.0S. We took it for a test ride and it drove absolutely fine (and I felt like 20 again haha). In the end we bought the car and my son was as proud as one can be.


After we had transferred the car, we took it with us. My eldest son was also with me, so he could drive back in my car.

My youngest had big plans for his 'new' car, he wants to fix it up completely, and of course I wanted to help him with that. As I've mentioned before, he's been through a rough patch, and tough times are ahead, so we wish him this piece of luck.

He handled it well, we first had the car checked technically, and then we saw what he wanted to do with it. He wants to make it a replica Sport. You used to have the Ascona Sport and T400 models that are (still) used a lot for the rally.

From that moment on the euro counter started running hahha. He first took everything out, the entire interior, etc. Then we took it to the welder, a few pieces had to be replaced.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 22.34.10.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 22.34.49.jpg

Then we took it to the sprayer, where it is now, to have it sprayed over.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 22.34.49.jpg

The nice thing about the whole story is that the man who sprays the car is also crazy about old Opels, he drives rallies himself together with his son in an Opel Kadett GTE, completely converted. So my son gets a lot of information from him and 'cheap' addresses for things. And the great thing is, he thinks it's very cool that my son (aged 17) is so crazy about those old opels. He also texts every time he is a bit further.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 22.34.49.jpg

While his car is at the paint shop, we are buying all kinds of new parts to put on it later, so he already has a new dashboard, new rally seats, new window rubbers, a new windscreen. Actually too many to mention. I think the great thing about this is that I didn't have the resources for it in the past, but that we are now building a nice car for him together. It will soon be a super beautiful classic car that will attract a lot of attention. And dad? Dad really enjoys this...

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 22.34.48.jpg

I will keep you informed of the progress.

Take care,



Ahahhaa, nice project! But here's a car that never got a chance of being sold in Portugal. Why? Because that name translates as Opel The Pussy! 😁😂

hahaha is that really , that would be a great one "I drive a Opel the Pussy" :P

Those older cars did tend to rust. Is it easy to find all the parts? I'm not sure if that model came to the UK. Opels were sold as Vauxhall here, sometimes with different model names. I've driven plenty of those over the years.


Yes they rusted indeed :) It's still quiet easy to find the most parts, there is a whole community with Opel lover whom help eachother with the parts. There are even companies which make the bodykit brand new :) I indeed remember the UK versions being "Vauxhall" are they still around?

Vauxhall still exists, but less seem to be built here. There was a big factory near here, but I think that just makes vans now.

Hahahah dad is living the dream through his son! So great and quality time spend even if it’s costs a few bucks , they grow up way to fast, blijft hij wit? Or red for a hive ride

hahaha inderdaad, living the dream samen met Sammie :) Vanavond gaan we naar de spuiter om de definitieve kleur uit te zoeken maar het wordt waarschijnlijk origineel Opel Oranje.

You don’t see them here either. I owned a 1.8 SRI 1986 model but here they were called Vauxhall Cavalier. The 2.0 was the 130 model, very rare even then.

I wanted one but couldn’t find any for sale, this was in the late 80’s.

Now that we are more into the 'Opel community" you'd be surprised how much cars still are available. They all have some work on them but there are a lot. The only thing is that in 'our' time you bought a Opel for about 500 euro, now they are 5000 :)

Peeps kept nicking my wheel trims on that car. I had to add plastic ties to stop them… bastards!

lol, that still hasn't changed I guess. Although, here in the Netherlands.

Peter waarom zet je ze niet in een community je blogs. Bbq is foodiesbeehive, er is er ook een voor auto’s …. Ik kan je wel helpen

Das wel een goeie, niet bij nagedacht :)

I like those old school rims on the car. I don't think we had the 2.0 SR here in South Africa, and one really don't see them around anymore.

Enjoy that old classic!


Thank you very much, they are getting rare here too. And we sure will enjoy the car :)

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One of my first cars was a car that my uncle and I put together from the junk yard. I drove that thing for a long time until I finally upgraded. T his looks really nice. I bet it is going to be quite special by the time you are done with it. I've never heard of this kind of car before. My wife and I are currently looking at new vehicles and I wish we could just go back and get her a nice older car. They don't make cars anymore in the US. They are all trucks and SUV's.

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