Wolpertinger - mythicmay challenge

in #onchainart3 years ago

Greetings HIVEans
Time for another drawing under the #mythicmay challenge hashtag..
Today it's



Bavarian forest creature consisting of:

  • rabbit's head
  • deer's antlers
  • squirrel's body
  • bird's wings

To catch it one needed to send to forest a pretty lady during full moon. Than she had to flash her breasts to the east causing it to stay in awe.
There you go, what you do with this knowledge is up to you ;)


That's all for today


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Hahaha I have to assume his expression is related to seeing a very old lady flashing her boobs at him.

I love the mix of species. I remember drawing a carbuncle, which is a mix of cat, hamster and has a red jewel in its forehead.

Hahaha, that's probably it. Guess I'd have the same face expression as him ;)

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