Trying to get into Silver Rank Leader Boards (using rented cards)

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Kevian21 here

zup guys I hope your having a wonderful day,

as I have discussed how to climb 0 to 1000 rating in bronze, I assume you are now in the silver league Grindin daily for dec/chest rewards.

just maybe you want to push it to the next level but are contented by just boarding the top 15 to 25, maybe this guide can help you a little.

before I get started here is the link for renting guide in bronze.

also, this is the strategy applied Click here for the bronze guide

if you wanna check out how I play as a silver rank Click here it explains what card I play and my playstyle.

Leaderboard battles

This is in fact arduous, thus maybe you can learn a little trick that can help you get there.


Low mana battle

1llama monk earthquake.JPG

Battle Link

This battle rules are enraged and earthquake my opponent seemed to perform a safe combo of llama and Zenith monk, this combo is well known in the silver league leaderboard when mana is 12 only and you have poison or earthquake rule.

mainly because zenith monk heals himself for 4 points and with the last stand in effect his hp will rise up to 14 which is hard to beat if you did not know the way to beat it.

to counter any possible outcome and play it safe I used Brighton bloom as a summoner which gives the flight ability, thus saving my monsters from the earthquake.

and the combo of flesh golem + Khmer princess I'm good to tackle most of the situations which my foe may present.


Llama kron in an earthquake situation

2Llama kron earthquake.JPG

Battle link

The battle rules are the same as the previous one being enraged and earthquake.

Llama and kron combination is a go-to for most players in earthquake or poison situations because of the high health and high heal from kron when the last stand is in effect.

if you wanna fight in the leader boards always keep an eye out for those combos which is not very surprising because they spammed it out to come all the way here, but good players are different they counter what the enemy does just as I did in this battle.

by using unicorn mustang as my main tanker and getting healed by Khmer, the overall team survivability is high, this combo is key with 17 mana and above because you are to expect magic dmg in most cases.

our meta is revolving in the strategy of magic dmg and sneak attacks for the most part as I battle through the silver leader boards.

be better prepared by keeping these 2 must-haves in every game in mind.

can you survive the sneak attack?

  • with having queen mycelia in my team it's safe to assume I can from this battle.

have an anti-magic card at least 1

  • having unicorn mustang as my tanker being supported by Khmer princess, the deal is sealed to magic users giving them no chance to bargain.


Unicorn mustang highlight

3Unicorn mustang highlight.JPG

Battle link

With the battle rule earthquake, you kinda want to pick Brighton bloom, but this is not always the case, in case you got good cards like my opponent who is already flying and can benefit from your summoner you may do so.

this battle shows the significance of the unicorn mustang + healer combo, even though valnamor is the best summoner to buff up magic dmg his cards are still not enough to easily beat the void ability and high hp of unicorn mustang.

and in this battle, I still applied the 2 must-have in every game silver league and below.

can you survive the sneak attack?

  • with having queen mycelia in my team it's safe to assume I can from this battle.

have an anti-magic card at least 1

  • having a unicorn mustang as my tanker being supported by Khmer princess, the deal is sealed to magic users giving them no chance at all.


There are times you're gonna fight some very strong guys

4vs very high CP battle.JPG

with the very high power, man this guy for sure is strong

The battle

4vs very high cp battle pic.JPG

Battle link

Battle breakdown

this time the meta is shifted, if you are fighting guys that are high power keep in mind they are not the same as the other ones for sure though.

guys like this almost always go for the kill, expect the best cards they get the best speed advantage by buffing up and getting the best dmg output possible in any given situation.

I made a mistake here in playing Mylor crowling, my guts told me he will use magic although somehow I still won because of my all-around strategy being.

anti sneak attack

  • with having queen mycelia in my team it is almost guaranteed to be safe of sneak.

have an anti-magic card at least 1

  • this may be a cheap card but having failed summoner around proved to be a tremendous help.

still won.JPG

even with us being lower power than them strong guys at least there is a chance to win if you try.


Bortus vs Yodin Zaku

5Bortus high level battle.JPG

Bortus vs Yodin zaku

as you may know, I cannot rent yodin at (level 2) because it cost expensive for me in the middle of the season, thus I only rent him when I'm aiming for the leader boards or there is a tournament.

also, you cant have yodin lvl 2 with his monster not leveled up properly and it cost expensive if you rent a fire deck through yodin as level 2 being your centered summoner, but it is fun to use though.

going through this battle our rulesets are weak magic and no ranged, that being the case I made sure to go all-in for anti-magic because I saw his previous record with a winning streak and spamming yodin I just hoped that by bolstering my defense and having opportunity monsters I can defeat his line up, which worked out pretty well for me.

this was also that of a leader board high rating battle, thus changing the meta to best speed and big damage, I just went full counter to magic provided by the ruleset no ranged it really helped me out.


Rare vs Legengendary summoner

6a good counter to valnamor.JPG

Battle link

Bortus is a cheap-to-rent summoner with only 3 mana usage, his great ability is magic dmg reduction, making him easily a great counter to magic-based summoners when paired with anti-magic cards, namely djinn oshannus and lord arianthus.

The battle rule is no melee, thus leaving ranged and magic the only ones available, that being the case I took a peek at my opponent's previous battles with his habit of using magic as the main source of dmg, I devised a bortus summoner centered strategy built solely to counter magic and a little bit of giant squid coming up with the blind ability in case he does go ranged attackers, just to be generally safe.


Would you like to be in the leaderboards?

yes you can.JPG

if you're aiming for the top that is another story.

but to be inside the leader boards yes you can!

I have just some strategies for you here that may help.

1up spliter.png



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Hive Pizza is a very active, very fun, and engaging community. I recommend you check out they're Discord to join in the fun or just want a cool place to hang out.



Thank you for reading, I hope you can learn from my guide, and together let's go to the leader boards!

Good luck and happy grinds!

Disclaimer: Some of the images used in this post were taken from the game's website in my account

the gif is from dragon ball z copyrighted to the true owner.


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