The Official ChiFiBots Whitepaper

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chifibots whitepaper.png

Hello Hivians,
We hope your day has been great! As the NFT Studios team prepare for blockchain week in early April in Miami we'd like to share with you the whitepaper for ChiFiBots.

Detailed inside is all you need to know about the vision/goals/story/gameplay/team behind ChiFiBots.

Link to whitepaper:

Have a fantastic day in Web 3!

~ NFT Studios


Wow the whitepaper looks amazing!

Can't wait to open my packs from Tier 2 pre-sale :D

Thank you for all the hard work you do, Kevin. !1UP

It wouldn't be possible without you too, Flauwy.

yohooooooo maaan I can't wait to play this game, the whitepaper is very fun to read with all these visuals! Keep moving forward man!

Weeeeeeee <3

It's nice to see the whitepaper out. It looks like people will be able to trial test the game out without buying any packs too.

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Yes, but most people know owning the assets is much more beneficial :)


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Great work!
This whitepaper looks amazing! Can't wait to open my Packs and start playing :)

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Congratulations on your project! Wishing the best for your Indiegogo campaign as well 👍


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ChiFiBots takes inspiration from: Pokemon, Yu-Gi Oh, and the anime world.

And Splinterlands. At the first sight (seeing the thumbnail of this post) I thought that this will be a first person shooter game, but then I realized that this will be a trading card game on the Aspire blockchain.