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Budget overview for PSYBER X:
We have accomplished many goals that we have made since the beginning of this project.
We are nearing our funding goals set at the beginning, but we are now working at full steam ahead. We have had a small hiccup with our project Hive stuck in HP.
As this has hindered us slightly on being able to leverage this Hive price jump.
We have started a power down that will extend over 13 weeks

Positives of the power down:
This has allowed us to give our community and followers a much bigger upvote. Pushing over 1 USD at the current prices of Hive.
It will also give us the opportunity to see how high the price of Hive can go. With a sort of faucet of payments being dealt to us weekly for 13 weeks. We see this as a large positive, as 1 lump sum may leave us behind. This way we could potentially go over our funding goal amount!!

So, What has been spent on this amazing project we call PSYBER X so far?

meta-chart (1).jpeg

Hiring(part time work) - $5100.00
Development - $14,523
Equipment - $7620.32
Misc - $550.00

If you consider what we have powered up in Hive (5500 HP), and what we have spent on creating PSYBER X you would calculate over half of the set goal for our passion project PSYBER X!!

Further details about the much anticipated

PSYBER X Marketplace

We are currently working on developing a marketplace that will leverage Hive, and LVL as a currency to purchase PSYBER crates (similar to booster packs, or any other form of opening something in most blockchain games so far)
PSYBER crates will be purchasable for $20.00 each in USD. The price of HIVE, and LVL will fluctuate but you will get the same base price for these. They will not incrementality increase like most other items in the blockchain space (We think this is very important going forward as we expand.) Always have a USD value allows NFTs to not be completely out of reach of the new coming players so we can scale PSYBER X for everyone. Prices will be set by Oracles.

LVL token will give you a 30% discount off the total price of the $20.00 per PSYBER crate.
When purchased with LVL token the total price for the PSYBER crate will only be $14.00 USD instead of the price purchased with Hive which will be $20.00

Founders, and current purchasers of NFTs from PSYBER X will be able to transfer all their existing NFTs to the platform and "break them apart" allowing you to sell or see individual items from your Founder Edition.
This will be fundamental moving forward with a much better UI, and system that has been used so far.

This will set the precedence for the load out screen that will allow you to secure all NFTs that you would like to use in game inside PSYBER X. The load out screen will be unlocked upon game launch, but make sure you have all the items/equipment/enhancements you want before that time comes!


Don't miss your chance with PSYBER crates as for Season 1 of PSYBER X there will only be 100,000 to ever be available.


We're currently looking to setup a seed witness setup to secure the HIVE ecosystem. We believe this is pertinent as we expand our operations and show we are securing the network we are building on. Close to launch we will implement an RPC (full) node.
You can check @psyber-witness for details once we're up and running.
@enginewitty Thanks for the help onboarding us with the witness setup.


It would be good if you could integrate the HBD into the marketplace. Use Hive's stablecoin for the transactions on there.

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This is a great idea.
Maybe a 20% discount when using HBD

Just caught wind of this due to a reblog from @scholaris I'm looking forward to what you guys come out with. I loved the trailer...I'll be looking at your plans for your timeline here in a sec. Thanks for keep us updated!

Keep it rollin' guys! Can't wait to see this. 👍

Keep up the work!

lets goo!

You guys are doing great. Lot of potentials on this one. Can't wait to see this game kick off

Love to see the progress. Can't wait to pick up some crates 😀


A nice project with great possibilities. I really can't wait to be a part of this too.

Thanks man

Thanks for the update.

I look forward to hearing more information about the oracle system.

I haven't been on discord as I no longer have my old discord account.

I will be back when I create a new.


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Let's gooooo!

Always learning more about this awesome project! Thanks for the transparency! Keep up the good work @psyberx

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You didn't ask...but I just placed a few orders on Hive Engine to bring up the bottom value of LVL...after buying about 10,000 between 2 accounts... What's the timeframe to launch? 6 months? more?

Hoping for late Q1 early Q2

Great progress with tight budget so far. Keep it going! Cannot wait for the crates :)

That HIVE powerup may end up being the best thing that ever happened to you. lol Can't wait to see the pieces start coming together!

I totally 2nd the idea of using HBD in this game. The more uses for the HIVE stablecoin, the better. It will also be something everyone can get their hands on, even from outside the HIVE ecosystem as there are at least a couple exchanges listing it. Hopefully more coming as HIVE takes off. LET'S GO!!! :-)

Nice project... can't wait to be part of the team.... cheers to @psyberx

Man, this is going to be great, thanks for the update, and keep up the good work!

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Honestly amazed you guys haven't spent double that already. I mean, HIVE is still climbing and looks like it'll overtake the $3 USD mark here tonight!😁

We have a way to not inflate our costs to our clientele.
We work at the minimum required 😎
And deliver the maximum

Looking forward to seeing you setting up a witness and solidifying your posture here too :)

Wow you guys are really amazing and with this program we are been waiting for. Just keep us moving

Very Nice, keep it up..

Life was crazy (still is) and I'm just getting to read this post now hehehehe

looks great guys!!!! glad to see you're rocking and rolling hehehe

Right there with you!
Life never slows down

I'm so excited seeing this new project great development

Making very important progress.

Keep the great work mate, and love the transparency so far. I'm always keeping an eye for the Psyber X crew.


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Integrating HBD I too think is the way to go, if you're looking for a fixed cost it makes a lot of sense to use a stable coin instead. Although LVL being the main currency also makes sense. Maybe make both 20% off?

Exciting times!

great update! Btw there is a typo in the card "rifle" not "rifles"

Hah. You’re right!
Thanks for pointing that out

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Love the progress 💪
Great report! Only a matter of time and more effort from the community, the plans of the project will be actualized.

Hallo. Freue mich darauf, wird klasse 👍

Powering down Hive seems like such a chore but the process was designed that way to act as a security layer to make it harder for someone to power your account down and steal your Hive :-D

It turned into a blessing!

It is always good when that happens 😀

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Nice progress.

Can't wait to see the actual gameplay. 😎