PSYBER X NFTs, What's in the crate!?! Killstreaks break down, perks, weapons and more. Better Drop Rate for Airdropped PSYBER Crates!

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Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year!
We've been very busy working on PSYBER X creating the presentation for everyone to few in a few weeks time. (Projected within the first week of February). Today we wanted to create a write up about some of the NFT cards that will be available within PSYBER X.
We'll also do a summary of the most important facts so far, including discounts of crates with LVL token, ect.


Well... Let's jump into it.

Those sweet, sweet NFTs. . .

This will help with your visualization of ... WHATS IN THE CRATE!?!

Of course we will have: Buffs, Killstreaks, weapons, and characters, but that's not enough details. Let's dive into them a little.


First we will start with killstreaks, and the ultimate one at that.

The Giant Mech

Will be quite unstoppable. You will have the choice of airdropping him onto the map at a chosen location(auto-piloted) or piloting it yourself destroying everything in your path. the exact stats for still under way, but you will need quite a few kills before you can activate him within gameplay. The mech will also have a set timeframe for usage.

Overlord Killstreak (Extremely rare) - Drop rate pending (As all cards are)


Battle Drone Killstreak

The Battle Drone will be a companion style killstreak, once activated it will follow by your side killing enemies with repeater fire and missiles.(and a close range flamethrower...update coming lol)
The battle drone will be considered a mid-grade killstreak and require far less kills than the giant mech to be activated. He will help you achieve higher tier activated killstreaks in gameplay.

Legendary Killstreak


The infamous SPIDER BOT (also our token logo on HE)

The Spider bot is an entry level Killstreak, but very important. When activated he will run run for the first enemy near by and explode. Before he finds an enemy he will also grant you foresight allowing you temporary x-ray vision to see through obstacles and walls.
Requiring few kills I'm sure you will encounter him quite a bit... on the receiving end as well. Unfortunately...

Epic Killstreak



A powerful companion bot that will stay by yourself similar to the SPIDER BOT until an enemy is near. Once an enemy is near his senses will trigger and allow the user enhanced intuition allowing infrared footsteps, spatial awareness, and targeted enlightened hearing.
Once an enemy is within sight the K-NINE will attack the target, seeking to immobilize/hinder them causing little damage so you can take the final shot.

Legendary Killstreak


Heavy Assault Aircraft (HAA)

Only seconded by the all powerful Giant Mech. The HAA will serve as a strategically placed battlefield up setter. (similar to the Harrier from COD MW2 if you are familiar) The HAA will coast around the open field laying waste to all targets within it's range (which is large) as the opponent it's best to hide while the tides are changed.

Overlord Killstreak (Extremely rare)

These will conclude the killstreaks that we will be releasing(for now), but here are some more releases for PSYBER X

(unnamed as of now - if you have a fitting name. let us know!)


(unnamed as of now - if you have a fitting name. let us know!)


(unnamed as of now - if you have a fitting name. let us know!)


(unnamed as of now - if you have a fitting name. let us know!)


(unnamed as of now - if you have a fitting name. let us know!)

Get ready for PSYBER X ! ! !

There will be numerous other NFTs within crates, but we've started with the most rare.

Buffs/Perks will consist of Speed, Stamina, weight, health, stealth, and many other perks. The fun part? You can only use 3.
These NFTs will come in percentages. 1-15% increases. 15% perk/buffs will be extremely rare, and so on.

We have decided that Airdropped PSYBER Crates will have a much higher drop rate for legendary and above cards.

More detail on Airdropped PSYBER Crates can be found here:

If you have no idea what PSYBER X is, and want to do a deep dive? Check these links out for the best info:

Do you have any more questions? Join us in our Discord server and also follow @psyberX on all the socials. - Join the amazing community on discord. link here


We must remind that for every 200k LVL token you hold that you will get a PSYBER Crate monthly. These crates will be delivered once the Marketplace is launched. The marketplace is currently under development, and is planned for release soon after our game play video release.
If you hold over 200k LVL Token your hive wallet will also be entitled to a 30% discount on all PSYBER Crates purchases. Remember PSYBER Crates will be available for purchase with HBD/HIVE.

We have very exciting updates to share within the coming months, and everyone that is with us so far THANK YOU. We've built an awesome community that helps everyone on the HIVE blockchain.



hmmmm crates..

Reblogged! <3 Trying to fill my bags will LVL little by little.


I love this!



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They look amazing, looks like some real carnage is coming to Hive!

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great update!

The artwork on all these are phenomenal! There is so much more detail and depth to each killstreak than I was expected and I applaud the effort you and your artists have put into this!

All I got is: Quad Hyper Launcher for the first unnamed and BLITZ for the last one lolol Great teaser, you guys are killing me!

Nice suggestions you have there 👌



Weapons look cool!


I am playing games since the C64 was lauched and i would say, i am an expirianced player.

Your picture in the post remember me to a game called MechWarrior. Maybe you know it or played it self. This hint should be only some inspirstion for developing. In this Game i like it very much to equip difference Wepon System on every limbs (Head, Torso, Arms, …).

I will not say, how do you develop this game, see it only as a hint and i'm looking forward to a playable beta soon.


Yes! I've played Mech Warrior. It was fun but very confusing. One player would control the legs, and one would control the guns and targeting

OMG, these designs look cool, incredible, awesome, mind-blowing - replace with more words like that. !1UP 100

I love this one:

Over 600K LVL in my account and rising...

Same for the Cartel!

I'm right there behind you!

Lasor Rail Riffle


Karma Capacitator

I was also thinking the machine pistol could be called either the Stiletto or Razor's Edge


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Some ideas I came up with...maybe lame...but might work...

  1. Tranquilizing Blast Cannon
  2. Death Spray
  3. Devil's Fury
  4. The Pocket Blaster or Pocket Protector
  5. The Back Up

extra: Daddy's Little Girl or Lit'l Friend

Your suggestions are really nice

Daddy's little Girl 😅😅😅😅
That weapon must be a cutie and rare weapon!!!
We can't afford to waste this sweet name on an ugly and common weapon 🤣🤣🤣

these killstreaks look pretty serious 👀

I see what the team is doing here 💪
I'm enjoying the updates so far
Kudos to the @psyberx team.

The Giant Mech will be a well sought after NFT card 😅 It looks really awesome, and unstoppable, just like you said.

Well, I am warming up and getting ready for the final release

My Suggestions

  • the first unnamed gun 🤔 maybe I'll call it "Lethal ...." (this is incomplete.. it keeps getting out of my head.. when it comes back, I'll do well to write it out"

  • I'll call the second unnamed Machine Gun: "The Ultimate revolver"

  • I think we can give the third a fitting sniper riffle name... Well to be sure, I think thats a sniper riffle right?

@liftslikealady take a look at that payout!

That kick-ass first gun seems to want to be called some version of the following:





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Fantastic artwork and epic skins - going to be a great playing experience being killed over and over again by all the killstreaks haha :)

Loving the weapons! 😃


This is looking superb. Keep on going! Ratatata

Amazing glimpse at what crates will bring to players. A lot of excitment flying in air...
When will we be able to claim the airdrops and where?

We are creating a full marketplace where you are able to interact with all NFTs for PSYBER X.
We are focusing on gameplay, then we will launch the marketplace.

That stuff has an amazing aspect!. I can't wait to have some of those.

uh this sounds awesome ... i need to know Mooooore :D

Names for some of the guns: The Lady Tickler (though this may be too risque'), Swamp Frier, Cranium Crusher, Mask Melter, The Masticator (masticate-to eat/chew), Hello Goodmorning (yes...I think it's a cheery name for something about to wreak havoc), The Extractor, Spinal Drain...

Just a few I could think of in the moment... 😁

Once I get my account established, I hope to buy some LVL...I'm trying to spend a full month blogging/commenting/learning the Hive sphere before I start moving my coins around, but once I feel I'm in a good place, I will buy some lvl!


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Crates dont sound good

Were there also normal airdrops?

thank you for the reminder - my mobile data is too bad for it

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