This game is becoming real!!! It's still so early in the game for people to invest. Not financial advice but...getting in on the ground floor seems like a pretty good idea. If you're nervous, just buy a little. At these prices, you don't have to invest much to get a stake that could be worth quite a bit down the road. It's what crypto is all about. PsyberX is coming! Get some!

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How is the gameplay connected with the blockchain? Is it all offline and only after a win/loss a JSON transaction is done?

We have a connection on the backend for our NFTs. They must be selected before connecting to the game.
Once matches are over, yes that's when transactions will occur. We will have GUI making it look like it's happening in the moment though.

I would definitely play this 🚀 #Psyberx looks better than 99% of games out in the crypto world at the moment! Card games are cool, but I want to blow things up and earn crypto! #pewpew

Keep up the great work @psyberx team 🏆

Have you downloaded it yet?

We are ready: 1 Million LVL in the @oneup-cartel treasury!


Dang it Mr. Robot, stop leaking footage!

wow looks really good. Good job team!

Amazing video!

Loving it!!!

Congratulations team!

Eager to play this. I have a troop of boys waiting for it as well… keep it coming. Let the leaks begin 🤣

Trying to get one of those NFTs today... or in a few minutes tomorrow...

The play part might not be manageable today... but in the weekend, will give it a shot!

looking good! Cant wait to play!

This is hyping me up! Great leak 👀

really cool, I will definitely give it a go.
which engine is this?

We switched over to Unreal Engine 5:
Come play. The game is live!

Seh schöne münze 😀


Looks pretty cool, too bad I don't have any idea about hive gaming

This is now on my watch list.
A game I can really play and feel ..
Can't wait.
@psyberx having gotten some lvl, is there anything more to do?

Looks great!

It looks so good!!!! Ahahaha
I'm dying to try it!!! Lol

Wow the graphics look amazing!!

Saw it on discord, but glad it's getting some traction, even if it is "old" footage ;)

I cant wait to play this game, it look dope. I'm confident this will be the next big name for the battle royal games. Keep up the good work all the @psyberx team.

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Hope to see the game finished and running :)


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