Genesis League Goals - Getting excited and opening some packs!

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I am now the official Bro player for GLG and play with the @brofund account. I wanted to keep everyone aware of my progress with some blogs. Today is all about opening packs and getting a team together! I love football so this is like the perfect game for me and it is great to be asked to be the Bro player.

This is a new game from Splinterlands and is coming out today for open play. You can see the link here

Getting some cards

OK so we opened 120 packs and got scout passes for all of them. These are bought using GLUSD and increase your chance for some gold foils!

You need a good balance of cards including a coach which seem quite rare.

Picking a team

This is not easy as I have no idea of how it works! I can have 4 teams and have called my first team BRO FC. I have been in the discord trying to get some advice! Which was mainly big numbers are good....

This is what we got for our first team


Some subs


And some reserves


I am looking forward to playing my first matches for BRO FC when the game officially kicks off later today. Stay tuned for my first impressions blog coming soon!

And be sure to checkout my new live stream show starting Friday August 18th at 11pm GMT here

for lots of great prizes and giveaways!

Thanks everyone and Happy Open Beta Day!

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Well done great to see back on hive! !PIMP

Thanks SUB! 💜

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This is most spectacular time to be on the HIVE blockchain.

So many coooool projects.

I played around with GLS today & enjoy it.
Now, there are so many projects I want to jump upon!

I couldn't agree more! HIVE is the place to be. Love this awesome community and the many cool projects it has to offer. Thanks for your support 😊

Can't wait to compete against you with my Team "Wrath of Khan". See you in open beta

Likewise. Thanks for your support and see you on the pitch!

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