Steps on how to vote for Hive-Engine Witness.

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This is a step by step procedures to follow on how to vote using your WORKERBEE token for Hive-Engine Witnesses.

Short procedures.

You need to buy a WORKERBEE token, stake, then vote the witness.

Detailed Procedures.

  1. Login to your to buy WORKERBEE token. Use your HIVE to purchase it here The current price is 1.5 HIVE to 1 WORKERBEE, that goes up and down depending on market.
  2. Just like Hive Power (HP), you need to stake your WORKERBEE token before you vote. Go to your Wallet, simply click on the padlock to unlock. Once it is unlock, then it is Staked.
  3. Visit to login using your Hive account. Click on the Witness tab.
  4. In Witness page, you can see list of Witnesses. To vote, you simply click on the "Check" button. It will change to X when you successfully voted. In this example, I voted for @broadcast witness. That's all you have voted for Hive-Engine witness. You can vote up to 30 witnesses.

That's all.

You want to be a Witness? You can simply follow a step-by-step guide provided by @rishi556

If you have any questions and need assistance, join us at Discord. Please vote @broadcast for Hive-Engine witness.

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I'm confused- what's with this bee thing? I just went to tribaldex and voted without workerbee. Also, is this specifically for those who run the hive-engine? I was just edited my witnesses via the page and the list of servers running are different and more of than tribaldex.

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but these seem to be two different things. We have witnesses holding up the blockchain in general and then a few that are specifically powering the engine.

This is Hive, I never stop learning. Here I had this all figured out two years ago. lol

They are different, main chain and sub chain.
Yes, always have something to learn. I'm rebuilding my witness node, hopefully you will remain loyal with your support.

Have a nice weekend.

Yehey. I had to remove you last night because it looks like your server hasn't been online in a while. It was strange to remove you because I believe you were one of my first witnesses years ago. And you’ve continued to stop in to vote or comment my posts occasionally.

I'll keep an eye out for when you're back.