Hive Open Mic Week 1 - Worldwide Live Music Event

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a virtual music stage, giving musicians a chance to freely share their music with an appreciative audience.


Hive Open Mic - Week 1

I want to thank the bright people who already laid the groundwork for this event to happen. First, I owe thanks to the hosts and supporters of the Steemit Open Mic. I give respect to Sonic Groove Live and related initiatives that exist here on Hive. Long may you live!

While some live music events are contests, e.g. "Battles of the Bands," with judges and monetary incentives to participate, this event begins with in a simple, humble way, truer to the traditional open mic format. This means the music will be freely given, for the sake of creative expression, community connection, and all of the gifts that come through sharing the musical vibration.

That said, there are ample incentives. Upvotes and replies can be expected. Standout songs will be celebrated. A selection of songs will be showcased in a curated list, honoring the magic that happens here. Most importantly, sharing harmony is our Work, with a capital "W", and this is what Hive is all about.


Hive Open Mic Week 1: April 12-17, 2020

The classic open mic event is a dedicated stage, presenting live music. Our virtual open mic carries a similar energy, as a platform and a spotlight for musicians. Here, we focus our energy and enjoy the harmony as our songs ripple out and resonate.


Sweeter Than Honey

Week 1 Theme - Sweeter Than Honey

Each week is a central theme, designed to unify the community through a singular harmonious vibration. To enter this event, you'll express yourself creatively with a song that helps us to explore the current theme. Original songs and cover songs are welcomed equally, as long as the song suits the theme. All musical forms and genres are OK.


  1. Produce - Begin your video with the words: “This is Hive Open Mic Week [1] and I am [@username],” substituting the current week and your own username, and then you'll sing your song.
  2. Present - Post your video on Hive, writing the story of your creative journey with the song, and tagging #openmic as your first tag.
  3. Promote - Share your link in the comments section of Sunday's open mic invitation within the weekly due date (Friday).
  4. Prosper - Enjoy harmony with the Hive community by engaging with artists as you feel inspired.


You can help support Hive Open Mic by voting two times. First, help this post with an upvote, which will support the host in providing valuable upvotes to the participants. Second, upvote the link of your favorite entry found in the comments below, in order to reward exceptional musicians. Two votes is a win-win for the musicians.


Hive Open Mic will evolve over time. If anyone feels called to support this event through co-hosting, sponsoring, etc., I welcome the opportunity to collaborate and co-create. My intention is to hold an open space for live music. My commitment is to celebrate great performances. My promise is to bring encouragement.

Thank you for supporting, upvoting, reblogging, and entering Hive Open Mic, a community of music lovers for music fans and musicians. I look forward to hearing from you. Let's get this place humming and buzzing.

🌞 🌜 🌟 ✨

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My first entry into the Hive Open Mic is a song called "To Create The Peace."

Nice song man, you've got a great voice and an interesting playing style.

I notice you've edited the post since our little tit for tat.

I'm sorry if it felt like I was laying into you personally.

I'd be happy to assist you to co-host the event, if you don't have any hard feelings.

Once again, well done on getting it together and having a go! Let the people sing!

Yep, I spruced things up a bit. Feels fresh and clean now. I have you to thank for the liberation of control, honestly, so thank you.

Nice picking there on a cool song.

Thanks dude. Glad to say we have two new entries today, so we're up to four. That feels like enough of a start to keep moving forward with the Hive Open Mic as a weekly event. What do you think?

Sounds like the start of something. The old contest had dozens at its peak. I know it was a lot of work for @luzcypher to manage and I think he did most of it manually rather than having any fancy scripts to automate things.

Yay, I'm so happy you're here. What a pleasure. Yeah I can understand why this song has its name. Such a joyful expression. Thank you.

Am I the first entry? I miss the old contest and hope we can get this one going.

Right on! This is an excellent entry. You're the first participant, so thank you very much. You were a solid presence on the Steemit Open Mic, and I'm delighted to see you jumping into this event here on Hive.

Cheers. I enjoy any opportunity to play some music. I hope it gets as big as the old contest.

Superb. Your rendition of this song is a ton of fun. In fact this was my favorite song at one point. I dig your percussive playing style. It's got a danceable rhythm. And then the whistling, woohoo! What a surprise. I appreciate your camera and audio recording technique too.

Dynamite! Very cool song, performance, and recording. You've got massive talent, brother. What a punchy ending too. Man, I'm impressed. Awesome all around. Thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to listen man! All the best!

Nice work on getting it together man! Thanks for putting in the effort and taking the reins!

However, I just watched your video [which is now not on the post, so it will be hard for people reading this to know what I am talking about, it detailed that only songs of a 'positive nature' be entered - it is not the theme, or the having of a theme that I had an issue with]. If you would like to run this, it has to be unconditional. That means that if someone wants to sing a sad song, you must accept that. Because all emotions are part of our experience.

This idea that we only sing positivity becomes a type of totalitarianism in its own right. Let the people sing what they want to sing. Music is for many things. Expression is one of them.

BTW there's another 'open mic' by @theplunge that has no specific theme this week. I may enter that too.

Nice discovery. I'm not sure how my searches are falling short. In fact, I thoroughly perused for #openmic, and related tags, and I didn't notice anything else.

Thanks for letting me know Steve. And thanks for your positivity.

Sure, it doesn't have to be 'mind control', but my point remains and is valid. So no thanks for putting me in the box there! Haha

It's the assumption that this 'positivity' is better for everyone. But an enforced positivity is actually dishonest. 'You must be positive!' or else...

Props to the people that do something, however, if it's going to be done, it should be done properly with a sponsor and a group, which requires community aka speaking with others. @ausbitbank might be a sponsor as he's sponsored Sonic Groove and the open mic in the past. We could ask... Haha

Maybe this open mic is the start of that. All things start from small things. I'm interested in being part of that group that runs a neutral open mic that accepts all performances and styles unconditionally.

I'll keep doing my thing regardless.

Good on you Steve for getting involved with all of them!

It's also interesting in a way, this blockchain is not a capitalist model where anyone can pick up a global brand and say, I was here first therefore I have rights to this global brand.

It's the same when I was in Occupy Sydney and the socialists set up their table with their banners and it looked like they represented all of us. They just behaved like capitalists and said, were not breaking any laws. Yet didn't consider that none of us were socialists.

I would put effort into marketing something I believe in. I have a mailing list and am on a songwriter's forum.

Thus my criticism. It's because I want to support something I believe in.

I think anyone who sets up a challenge can set their own conditions and we can decide if we want to participate. If there's no prize then you don't miss out by skipping it. I saw you posted a song for the other one and I'll have a listen later. Positivity is good, but so is being realistic about how things are. I like plenty of music that might get other people down. Do whatever works for you.

I want to get more musicians active on Hive. The great thing is that you don't have to be part of any organised event to earn something.

Rock on!

Sure, 'anyone that sets up a challenge, can set their own conditions', but... lol... anyone that tells me I must only post positive things for a global brand, is in for a disaster - they have to contend with my ability for rational deduction!

Hi @steevc, yes we do not have a theme this week so feel free to do anything and go wild! It's good to see more initiatives start on here all of the best @cabelindsay, may music flow through the blockchain!

I will see if I can do a song for you this week too. Any excuse is welcome.

Great! Can't wait.

Cheers! Thanks for your encouragement. Right back atcha. Really, it's just good to know there are options now, and ample invitations to express the music. Yes, viva la musica!!!

Thanks for your comment here. You might be right, although I'd like to explain my viewpoint. I believe there's a freedom to be found in the positive vibration. I'm not trying to stifle anyone; I'm trying to safeguard everyone. This I believe can be achieved if we each take responsibility for the subtle energies we release through the power of our music.

I agree with you for the most part. Definitely understand the importance of expressing the full spectrum of emotions, and music is about the best way I know to do that. For example, I enjoy singing melancholy songs in minor chords that could be considered sad, and in fact I carry some sadness in my life and music helps me to do the "shadow work" of dealing with the heaviness I feel at times.

Music has the power to heal, and the power to hurt. Some songs promote violence, hate... and they hurt. I feel these types of songs could be a danger to people at this mystical moment in human history. I'm not wanting to judge, though. I'm only wanting to enjoy. So I gently ask that we safeguard participants of the Hive Open Mic with a positive vibration.

Do you feel where I'm coming from, brother? Feel free to continue this conversation. I'm grateful for your perspective.


Maybe we can just accept that this is a fun music theme and not some form of mind control ;) There are lots of artistic challenges on Hive where the creators set a theme. Cabe has opted to set one that we are free to interpret as we like, but he cannot control how we use tags. Maybe he shouldn't say it's the Hive Open Mic as that makes it seem official, but nobody else was doing it. I just don't want people to be put off encouraging participation.

As @cabelindsay says "let's get this place humming and buzzing".

Thank you. Feels great to have your encouragement here.