it's a "Special" cover, but good !! Guns & Roses is my Favourite Rock Band with Nirvana, upvoted and resteem !!

That was really fun. Thanks.


Thanks for listening :-)

I'm glad I gave you 5 minutes :)

Wow! Different, but awesome!

Yes, I do! (That is an answer to yours "I hope you like it")
What I like about your posts is the variety. Off course aside from obvious things like great voice, good songwriting etc...

Thank you so much shepard. That's super kind of you to say. <3 Thank you so much for showing love.

And this is when I say that music has magic. Suddenly we hear invisible instruments and delight in it. That was cool. Congratulations!!

Thank you so much ☺️ I’m so glad you liked it.

Yeaaaassss!! That was really sweetly creative...

Thank you so much!! :-)

O, O, O, ...Sweet Child of Mine...
Yes, - that would be you, Lilly... ;-)
Nice, Girlfriend!

Thanks passion!! I’m glad you liked it :-)

Awesome cover. Love your own spin on it.

Thank you so much! ☺️

I love it!This is a sweet and creative cover from a classic song!

Beautiful!!! I loved