Steemit Open Mic Week 110 - Promesas - Original Song.

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Hello Steemit!

Well , here I have a quite late Open Mic entry , I had this song idea pop up to me yesterday and I really wanted to get it out of my system.. sometimes it's a necessity hahahaha...

So , it's in a very early stage and I did a little raw production around it but i think it kind of works .. this one will get filed until I find a home for it but I wanted to share it a little with the @openmic family! @luzcypher, hope you are having fun over at SteemFest!

So , I hope you like it!

(P. Mena)

Día cambiá de color
sin buscarlo, encontró
el papel en donde
estas plumas escribieron

Las promesas para dos
que en una caja se olvidò
Que se sientan a lo largo
de esta vieja mesa

Y Se le escapa en un avión

Y volverá a la sala
que lleva sus mañanas
que es testigo de la historia
que hay en su ventana

Y Abrazará la nada
Dirá que todo cambia
serán las notas
las que viven
lo que se fue en un avión

Here is a translation

(P. Mena)

The day changed color
without looking, he found
the paper where
these pens once wrote

The promises for two
that in a box they forgot
That sit across
this old table

And it escapes in an airplane

And he returns to the room
that carries his mornings
and is a witness to the stories
that are in his window

And he embraces nothingness
says that everything changes
will these notes
be the one that live
those things that left on an airplane

(the translation is very hard on this one , the spanish song never specifies gender and some metaphors are lost.. oh well hahaha )

Thanks for listening!



love it @pechichemena

Thank you Paula ! thanks for stopping by for a listen :)

my pleasure

Tu música tiene algo tan especial... yo la siento tan introspectiva, tan íntima, tan cargada de significados, de historias de dolor y felicidad resumidas en pocos minutos de música. Este tipo de publicaciones son las que me hacen amar mi trabajo como curador. Es una alegría muy grande para mí decirte que propondré tu post al proyecto @celfmagazine. Un abrazo hermano!

aaah ! Miguel , tu comentario me hizo el día! te agradezco tanto las palabras.. si uno hace canciones es pata que alguien mas pueda encontrar algo en ellas .. y eso hace que haber escrito esto tenga sentido :) ! La alegría es mia de que mi música te genere algo.. te mando un gran abrazo ! Y gracias por el apoyo!

Voice of an angel! Love this song. It's done SO besutifully 💜💜💜🙏💜 what a great resteem @paulag oh i love original music! Thank-you!!

@yogajill thank you so much of the sweet words :) !! I'm glad you liked the song , it was put together rather quick ! happy it came out ok hehehe

Such a beautiful song!!

thank you very much @clove71 ! I'm happy you liked it :)

This is lovely - made me smile

thank you so much @sazzler ! glad to hear from you :) ! it's been a while :D

You're crushin' it, brother...
This is off the charts, man...

Thank you very much brother ! glad that you are back btw :) ! Cheers!!

Great raw idea blooming into another classic bro

I have added you to my Official Open Mic Judge‘s List for Week 110.
Please read full review here.

Thank you very much bro! will hop on and read :) !

Beautiful song brother ! So well executed and arranged ! You got me with the backing harmonies at the end of the chorus - se fue en un avión part ! * bathing in a sea of silk * hahaha

thank you brother ! I'm glad you liked it :) .. just some production tricks over the vocals ;) .. Fabfilter MB on a bus.. and you bring them together like a key pad .. hahaha It's kind of addictive!

This was beautiful @pechichemena

The moment your fingers touched the strings, chills ran down my spine. So much feeling, and amazing production. I'm blown away, great job brother!

ooooh! thank you so much @futuremind ! that's the best compliment a songwriter can get :) ! I'm so glad you liked it ! .. I might have a reason to work it a little more then ;) ! Cheers!

You know, you're becoming one of my favorite musicians on steemit!
I don't have to understand Spanish to get the feeling from the song. That was well put together for a rough draft. :-)
You do have a way with harmonies on the vocals.

Thank you so much Amber ! that is a huge compliment ! :D

Thank you , the draft was pretty much put with ''usual production'' tricks so it's a little formulistic hahaha when I go in a more serious arrangement I try to think of parts a little more conciously .

I was thinking of doing some tutorials on how I approach vocal harmonies though I'm trying to find a middle ground in where it doesn't become an obscure harmony tutorial .. hehehe I hope I can pull that off!

My approach to harmonies is mostly just singing along with the part while trying out notes to see if they work with the song. I pretty much do it by ear, which doesn't always work. I also have to find something that I can actually hit the notes on, my vocal range only goes so high. It's like, I know what that note should be, but I can't hit it. :-)

看错了, 还以为是面筋哥, 就点进来了

I want to be a gluten brother.. sounds fun

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