Introducing Kyros Ventures: AMA Questions

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Myself and @starkerz built a collaborative relationship with Kyros Ventures and Coin68 who represent a selection of crypto communities and investors in Vietnam. It has been a very interesting, educational and fruitful few weeks since we first met.

About Kyros Ventures:

With a deep understanding of users' habits and experience gained from forming the 4 largest Vietnamese crypto communities, Kyros Ventures is confident to be the bridge leading international investors into Vietnam - the potential land of blockchain. Our priority is to not only expand blockchain awareness to blockchain beginners but also aggregate mass adoption towards mainstream users. At Kyros, we provide our clients with exclusive services including a full media kit on, original content packages & community management. Kyros is also built to be the trend-catcher, making sure our clients' projects are always integrated appropriately into the latest crypto direction.

The Vietnamese market holds a lot of potential for Hive. Kyros Ventures has worked with ourselves to formulate outreach opportunities while learning about Hive. Their new Hive accounts are @kyrosventures and @coin68.

Similar to other relationships we built, this is an opportuinity not only for Hive itself but also for the dapps and projects in the Hive ecosystem.

On January 7th 11AM Vietnam time (UTC+7) we will be holding an 2-way AMA event where both @hiveio and Kyros Ventures will make AMA publications answering questions directed at one another.

Your Questions

Comment below with your questions for Kyros Ventures.

Anything goes since it's an open AMA but keep in mind that only 10 questions will be selected.

This is your chance to ask anything you'd like about crypto in Vietnam, opportunities, their company and partners, or anything else you'd like to know!

One question per person please!

Note: This is a post to gather questions, not the final AMA. The final AMA post will be by @hiveio.

Question period is now closed!


Vietnam is well known for its daily use of gold by all levels of society in all markets, from grocery shopping to buying building materials.

With stacking and bartering (payment with gold) being a common daily thing, will you be looking into ways to incorporate that into your plans, so as to help make life easier for everyone there?

i.e. Not have to carry bars of gold around.

I can see crypto being utilized there more so than in most places where fiat (paper currencies) are used, purely for its practicality.

How high is the language barrier for Vietnamese crypto enthusiasts? Do most of them understand English and are able to navigate an English website well? Or do many rely on Vietnamese language support?

The term 'investor' suggests and is related to getting something in return. I am most curious where you will be putting your efforts in that aspect. Do you intend to simply invest in Hive itself, or do you have some preemptive ideas and suggestions for dApps you are looking for developers to build? That also begs the question, being a community, do you have devs available to you, or would you be outsourcing and searching for ones that fit your needs?

Welcome to Hive! As a large community, what features would you like to take advantage of in Hive or maybe a feature you wish Hive has?

With Vietnam and Hive Vietnam communities growing, Do you think adding language support to our website and services will increase crypto adoption in Vietnam ?

What Vietnamese investors looking for (want to see) in cryptospace?

Welcome to Hive! We are a video hosting platform on Hive!

Question: With the recent Bitcoin run-up, how is the sentiment about crypto in Vietnam? Are people more interested in only Bitcoin or are open to other crypto's with novel use cases that provide utility?

This sounds like a wicked exciting project, @guiltyparties - thanks to you and @starkerz for getting this going!

My question would be - you mention being integral in forming 4 large Vietnamese crypto communities. What are those communities like? Are they solely online and based around trading, or are they in the more traditional sense of the word, and have RL (real life) gatherings and social functions? If the latter, do you foresee a time that these communities would utilize Hive in RL use cases (as in, being a form of accepted payment in stores, etc)?

(yes, I know that's technically 3 questions, but it's kinda one in three parts... 😊)

Welcome to the hive. I know Vietnam is very popular for food, culture, and garments as well. Here in Ukraine, we have one of the largest Vietnamese markets in Eastern Europe and a large Vietnamese community as well.

My question is: What are the most popular social media in Vietnam and do you think Hive will be the perfect fit for it? Do you have any marketing strategy to reach the general audience of Vietnam?

I'm an illustrator who is starting to create NFTs on HIVE.

My question is: Are there many NFT artists in Vietnam? Who is the most popular or famous?

We often see Vietnam in Latin America as an exotic destination. We believe it is reciprocal. However, digital connections have shortened the distance. What Vietnamese values bring that society closer to Latin America? Does Vietnamese society believe in social exchange through digital networks?

What challenges have you found while onboarding new investors to blockchain, how have you overcome them and do you have a plan to expand to a wider user base?

Seems like an interesting collaboration.

What is the level of knowledge/popularity among the general population in Vietnam regarding the use of blockchain-related projects, services, and apps?
Particularly between users in the age from 15 to 40 years old?
Are there any crypto exchanges? Any startups or larger companies incorporating blockchain technology?

Esto es estupendo, ¿Cuál es su visión sobre cómo puede funcionar este puente entre la inmensa y entusiasta comunidad de habla hispana que existe en Hive y la comunidad vietnamita?

Call me ignorant but i have to make a dumb question:

What is Kyros? I mean i read about being a community, but could you guys explain a little bit further what you guys do as a community?

Also im part of the Hispanic community any thoughts on working together with other communties or you guys are just focus on your country alone?

Very cool to see this happen :)

Hive is pretty big on community, would you be implementing a Hive based community to help educate and engage with your customers...Or use an offchain solution?

Pretty cool collaboration! I just have one question for now, are there businesses that accept crypto-currency as a form of payment? If not, have you thought about implementing it?

That's some good stuff you have though and for me now, I think the publicity to Vietnam will do the deal.
So my question will be....

How do I get join in the campaign?

A greeting from Mexico, I would like to know how the crypto market has evolved there from the acceptance of people and from the government point of view

Greetings from the Philippines!

Vietnam is a well known country when it comes to FPS games like CrossFire. It is also a solid performer in Dota 2. Both games have their own regular tournaments in Vietnam.

How do you see the future of blockchain gaming in Vietnam?

It looks with good expectations but what is it !!

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Good move - will follow the Accounts and work on some questions not already commented

It seems that money heals all wounds. Then again? Wars are fought solely for resources. Our ancestors fought the British, we are now partnered with them "financially". My Nation fought the Germans and Japanese, and again, today? Now they are business partners.

Hate is ridiculous. Wars are ridiculous. National Security=Corporate interests.

I think you might like this video, so I will just leave this here.