Knotilus Daily Pond ~ Handmade Jewellery, A Fox and Some Blooms

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Hey there!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week!
The pond has warmed up quite a bit with the few hot days we’ve had, and people have started showing up to swim pretty often now, it’s been nice!


The crab apple tree here is blooming and smells AMAZING! Can’t wait to eat delicious apples in the fall!



I’ve been creating many cute bracelets lately!

I liked this one, I’m thinking about creating some red and white ones for Canada Day too, which is coming up.



This pink and purple turned out pretty cute!


I love the sparkly button I chose for it, it really sets this one off nicely.


As always with these, if you’re looking for something similar, let me know and I’ll whip one up custom for you! 💙

[email protected]

The fox painting is new as well!


I spotted this beautiful orchid on a walk the other day.


It’s called pink lady’s slipper and it was quite lovely!



The season is flying by, I can’t believe we are into summer already! Spring zoomed past me! I got most of my planting done, but that’s just half of it!

Anyway, here’s some memes!!








Have a great day! I’ll try and get on here more often for updates! 🙂


Nice shot of the lady slipper, I haven't seen one of those for sooo long! I love your painting of the fox as well, he definitely looks sly. Love it. Though I don't really love foxes right now, we had one come and grab a few chickens, also it wiped out all of our neighbours chickens. Now everyone is coming here for eggs lol. Oh and not to worry, we got a livestock guardian dog right after and now the fox stays far away from our flock <3

Keep being awesome NeoHippy <3

Aww thank you so much! Great to hear from you!
Can’t blame you for being upset with the foxes! Either a fox or a mink ate a duck here last year too. Definitely a mink more recently though. Nature doing what it’s supposed to but man, you can easily get attached to these birds! Breaks my heart to lose any of them. Hopefully neither of us will lose any more!
I would get a dog, except they’re hard to come by here, it’s almost all special breeds but I refuse to buy, my favourite breed is rescue 🙂

Hopefully you still have enough eggs to go around! ❤️
If you’re ever visiting NL let us know!!

I have wanted to go to Newfoundland my whole life, one day I'll make it there and for sure come visit you!

I plucked one of those flowers once (typically yellow here) for one of my girls when they were little. She went to smell it and nearly snorted a bee.