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Hello everyone, thanks so much for stopping by and a warm welcome to you all today, hope you had a nice day at home today. The economic situation of the nation is nothing to write home about honestly, even before the COVID 19 issue started we are having difficulties with steady economic system, the country where I come from is a developing one, we are still trying to become like advanced countries who have raised a high standard economic version for their country making them become the best of the best and raising the standard of living of their people to a high peak.


The issue at hand now is really a big threat to human lives, people dying every day from the deadly virus, so many people are losing their loved ones to this deadly virus. The virus has sent many into isolation it has sent many people into hiding; it has starved many people in their closet. The lockdown order from our federal government is well understood as a means to control the spread of the deadly virus, but the question is for how long this lockdown will be observed, many are no longer dying from the virus but they are dying from starvation, many are dying from isolation many are suffering this days who do we run to in a difficult time like this.

It is also important not to be so consumed by the uncertain future that is before us, but it should not stop us from having a nice and better present and hope for a better future ahead of us. Bring yourself back to reality every so often if you have to. Focusing on your goal and your upcoming achievement is great, but losing sight of how special the now is can be unfortunate.

Permit me to say that life is a marathon; we must remain true to ourselves and our vision for a long time, in doing so you demonstrate clarity of vision and strength of mind. We must never fail to stand behind the choices we make in life especially the good ones, and don’t give in to the pressures on your journey. Don’t forget that life is a journey it is a market place where you either buy or sell, and if you are not there to buy or sell, then you will just be an audience in the market place.

Keep looking ahead because what is ahead is far greater, bigger and better than what we are facing right now or where we are at the moment. Life like I said earlier is a journey but we must never forget that it is filled with better opportunities and glorious gift ahead of us. Don’t be afraid of the challenges you face along the way, not every obstacles has the potential to hurt you. It’s all about perspective; recognize the wall in front of you as an opportunity to grow. The person you become while chasing your goals can be unseen benefit you retain for the future.

Thanks so much for reading this post today I really do appreciate your efforts and time spent on the post I am really grateful. Until I come your way again tomorrow stay safe, stay hygienic and stay motivated.