I Only Ate Once Yesterday

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My last dialysis day was on Wednesday just more than a day ago and during my dialysis day my mother would buy me the meal from the convenience store. She only have two choices that I want her to buy and those are the three orders of fried meat with gravy in a bowl with rice or two pieces chicken with extra rice in a wax paper.

I told my mother to buy me extra rice and extra gravy per order because I do like the rice that they are serving there at Ministop. If it happens that the rice bowl meal isn't available then she would have to buy me the two piece chicken meal instead with three extra rice and extra gravy for each of the rice, it will be my food for the next 2 to 3 days.

After going home from the dialysis center I would then eat once of the meals and the day after I would eat another meal and from that point I will take my Cinacalcet which will cause me to lose my appetite again at the remainder of the day.

That is why more often than not I would skip the lunch and dinner and I would just eat the next day. The reason why I am taking home the meals that I made my mother to order from the convenience store is because I often do not like the foods being prepared by my parents which is the cause of my skipping the meals if not eating the meals forcefully since I needed to put some nutrition in my body too.

The other reason was that I enjoy the food from that particular convenience store compared to 7-Eleven stores. We just put the meals inside the refrigerator and my mother would just reheat it up in the microwave oven until I wanted to eat already.

But again after taking my Cinacalcet I would lose appetite which is why I wanted to achieve my goal of Parathyroidectomy (partial) so that I can get freed from taking that dreaded drug once and for all and would just continue with my Phosphate Binder therapy to control my phosphorus levels so that it would not exacerbate my Parathyroid since even though 85% of Parathyroid is removed it can still raise the level of Parathyroid hormone in the body and cause bone problems again.

I've been enduring appetiteloss for more than 3 years now and I still have a hope in my heart that I can get to improve my quality of life and not like this where eating had been a chore already most of the time because of Cinacalcet in my life even though it had improved my bone and joint pain issues for the past few months.


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