139wpm 100% accuracy (A fun website to learn typing)

in #palnet2 months ago

Hey everyone, Eddie the magic monk here, as you guys know I'm an okay typer (my first "famous-ish" youtube video was the one where I typed A to Z in under 3 seconds), so today I want to share with you a fun website that you can learn to touch type and improve your speed.

I have used this website with my students a few times to challege their typing speed. The cool thing about this website is that it's super easy to use and get started. All you have to do is type in in your browser, then you can start typing straight away.

The paragraph is always randomized and you just type for 30 seconds to find out what your WPM (words per minute) is. Mine is 139 wpm and 100% accuracy. What is your WPM? (at 100% accuracy). Let me know!


Very interesting dear @magicmonk to use the web to challenge my typing speed, it is certainly an interesting detail, because it would be an important method to learn. Well, I'll tell my son, who is a computer specialist, to help me also in using typing with in his browser. Successes

Waw....waw ... this is really an incredibly cool discovery, I have to try it soon, I really need this, thank you very much for the great information from you