Podcasting in a Tornado Warning

in #palnet4 years ago

So...... it's been an interesting day.

I've been down on my property since Thursday night and the forecast has been saying there was a good possibility there may be some tornadic activity in my area today. At my property I don't have a good internet running for streaming. I was able to edit a pre-recorded podcast and upload it to an encrypted file server Mega. @r0nd0n ran the stream for me today and I hung out in the chat to participate with the listeners. About halfway in the podcast I get a tornado warning pop up on my phone.

I ran into the underground concrete tornado shelter on the property. It got pretty gnarly for about 20mins as I waited out the storm.

Here's the caption from the discord chat today.

I'm extremely happy I have this on the property in case of the threat of tornadoes.

After the storm passed I checked to see if there were any damages. I couldn't see any damage so I got lucky on this round.

Here's the neighbor dog "Lady" that came over to visit me right before it really hit the fan.

Here's the woodstove I got on the deal Dimitri helped me get. I was looking to get something set up for a simple cowboy shower house before I head back to town tomorrow evening.

I will have the podcast recording up tomorrow when I have better internet.

Yours in liberty toward a brighter future,
Greg Doud @makinstuff

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It's a good thing you have that shelter there, just in case. That looks like a good cleanup and improvement project for the property.
I think that wood stove should come in handy for a few things.

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@makinstuff oh damn.. your in the bunker! Glad to hear you are okay.

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