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I am dogsitting for Ransom for 10 days while his family is on vacation on their first trip to the mountains. I'm getting photos and reports of how in awe they are of the beauty around Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Ransom has settled in nicely and I am enjoying having him here.


His favorite activity is watching chipmunks. And occasionally chasing them.

He is terrified of thunderstorms, and we have been getting more than our share of them. He stays very close to me and if there is a particularly loud boom he forgets how big he is and tries to sit in my lap! The weather forecast says storms are likely every day this week. Poor Ransom!

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You are the best!

That's a pretty big dog to have jumping around on your lap lol. Chipmunks beware Ransom is on the case. :-) U+R

There certainly is not enough room for him and for my Chromebook, too!

That's one big lap dog. I've heard the pressure changes are what make dogs more scared of storms than anything. But anecdotally, I'm pretty sure it's just the noise. I was that way as a kid. But fit easier in my mom's lap than a German Shepard, that's for sure. Looks like you are having fun though. Except maybe from the chipmunk point of view...

I try to warn the chipmunks when he is about to enter their world and they are lucky that he is so attached to people that he really just wants to stay by my side. Occasionally he'll decide to secure the perimeter, and then clears out everything that he sees as a threat. And I guess you just never know what those chipmunks might be up to!

Yeah, I've heard amazing stories about those little striped monsters... ( :
He does look like a nice dog. Enjoy the visit of the friendly four-legger.

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Poor puppy! And your poor lap! That must be quite a shock when he jumps on you. He looks big!

The first time was a surprise! Now I am better prepared and am on guard to fend him off. I may have him convinced that it is safe if he lays beside my chair and I put my hand on his head!

You're lucky to have him, such a cutie. I guess I would play with him all day. Give him a big hug from me.

We have been doing a lot of playing! I will... He is easy for me to hug... Just about my height when I am on my scooter!

It loks beautiful thrre to go on a walk .. I really wish you a storm free time ^^ .. kind of miss a bird in this post ;)

Haha! Here is a Grosbeak just for you!


It's so big but it looks so cute. I know you'll enjoy while you have it at home❤

He is big! He will be here visiting until July 7th.

You will have a good company this week.

He is fun to have around!

I know, they have so much love to give

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Beautiful scenery, there is a river on the fence with a mountain overgrown with green plants @melinda010100

Thanks so much!

they are the friends and loyal guardians ... Many dogs are now lost their habit and it became a lovely pet with fear and tear...he is lovely, calm and big...

Thank you. He is great to have as a house guest!

Awwww! How did he wind up with that name? There's got to be a story there! It's going to be a hard week for the poor fella, between the storms and fireworks.

Isn't this stormy weather nuts? We're The ten-day weather report for Mankato showed one day without storms... That one was just rain. On the bright side, maybe the mushrooms over here will pop up, finally...

The daughter of the famil picked the name. She was 11 and at the time she was only saying that she liked that name.

This is perfect fungus growing weather!

Poor ransom having to go through the fear of the thunderstorms but how lucky are they visiting such a beautiful area

He has decided that my bedroom closet is a safe place!

Isnt it amazing how pets all do that find a safe spot for themselves, Our Cat used the bathroom hidden under the sink

When he is at home he goes into the basement under the stairs. Poor guy. Because my house is on the river I don't have a traditional basement for him to escape to! My cat used to go in the same closet!

Being used to having a basement nit having on their may be getting him less comfortable in storms but that is balanced by having such a caring person as you looking out for him on his visit

He usually spends most of his days alone, so you would think having a person around would help, but who knows? Maybe it just is more stressful because then he not only has to worry about taking care of himself but taking care of me also! Who knows what dogs think?

Yeah your right sadly we never really know what is going through a pets mind even if we think we do know LOL

Awwwwwwww, I have a very soft spot for German Shepherds!!! Imaging Ranson being scared and trying to sit on your lap is too adorable. Oh, and he is chasing the poor chipmunk, oh my gosh, lol. You have a quite the company there Melinda, what more can you as for!!! And yes of course the Steamboat Springs are breathtaking!

German Shepherds are wonderful. My last dog was a Shepherd. Ana was the reason that these guys decided to get Ransom. He has been good company and I will miss him when he goes home.

Oh you did? You must miss her too............to me, they are very spacial dogs, although I never had one 💖

I'm always surprised that there are so many people who are afraid of them.

He looks a great companion to have around.

He is quite wonderful and keeps me from talking to myself! 😃

Poor bugger. My dogs surprisingly do not pay any attention of what is going on when there is a storm, but the cat is scared to death by the thunders. She hides under the blanket, while the dogs are snoring peacefully.

I had a little dog who was terrified of storms, but I have never had a cat who paid any attention to them. It makes me wish they could tell us what they are thinking!

I am glad that you have company for ten days. :-)

He is reminding me how much work having a pet is! I love having him here, but like grandkids, it will be nice to send him home again!

I guess I can understand that. lol

Our old dog used to run for miles to my Nanas house and scratch her door like mad if we forgot to bring her in in a thunderstorm. Its funny how they panic so yet other things.. like rumbling trucks.. don't bother them.

What a GORGEOUS place... and dog!!

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I'm glad your dog knew that Grandma's house was safe! There was thunder on a TV show I was watching last night and the dog freaked out. But the across the street neighbor lit off a few bottle rockets and Ransom was not at all concerned. I don't get it.

German Shepherd, great dog

He is a good dog!

it can be seen even in the photo :)

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Howdy Melinda! Thunderstorms and fireworks, he's had a bad week! That top photo is fabulous! Is that one of yours when you visited? Ransom is such a handsome guy.

Ransom stays so close to me that I have to constantly watch that I don't run over his toes! The top photo is one of the vacation photos that they sent me. I have never been to Steamboat. You have me beat on that one!

Ransom needs to get used to the wheels but if he's panicked he might not be thinking straight huh? If he got caught just a little on the side of his foot or something it might make him pay attention.

I know I have run over his feet more than once. He has not figured out to keep a safe distance. He is tight beside me everywhere I go!

Because of the storms right? Just like Jack, it's amazing. If I stand up he stands between my legs. lol. If he was little he'd probably be fine riding on your lap.

He is pressing against me when I am still wet from the shower and I end up with dog hair stuck to me! Ransom is the same as Jack. If I move so does he. If I get up during the night to go to the bathroom he gets up to. I have convinced him that it is okay to sleep on the floor beside the bed. He is too much of a bed hog to sleep beside me.

oh he would rather sleep in the bed with you? lol. We cured Jack of that when he was younger but he wanted to sleep with us too, not enough room! lol.

Yes it's so funny that even when you go to the bathroom they follow us in. lol.