Read this to be safer from the Covid 19 virus, and to help fight this pandemic!

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I saw a Lady today shopping for medicines wearing a mask like this, and latex gloves. I just had to post this, because people are being stupid about this Covid 19 virus! This is 100% wrong!!!!

Image from pixabay:

People need to educate themselves to be as safe as possible.

The latex gloves are not for general use, but should only be put on when you need to be in contact with a likely contaminated item or person. Even then the use time must be as short as possible. Overuse of gloves moistens and softens the skin, which make it more receptive to the virus. Dry and washed with soap and water is best, with hand cleaner a close substitute.

The masks are only useful against the virus if used by infected individuals to avoid spreading germs! The will do almost zero good for people that are not sick. You are better served passing them out to people that are showing symptoms, where it will actually help some! The moisture retained under the mask also makes the face more receptive...just wash it!

NOW for another thing you will NOT hear on the MSM! STOP taking Ibuprofen; it increases the risk of infection transmission! There is science behind this, so use something else, at least for a while!

The other point people should be aware of is that The Chronavirus requires an immune response to invade the body. Use of Tumeric will reduce that immune response, and will reduce pain at the same time. This reduced immune response will hinder the ability of the virus to successfully infect the body.

Stay safe, and out think this pandemic!



I've been hearing that the masks, which many people say are useless, have actually been a big part of the reason why Japan has lower infection rates... perhaps because if someone unknowingly already has the virus, they are far less likely to spread it by coughing sneezing etc. Any thoughts on that?

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