Olympic DR. sentenced to Life imprisonment!

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       Larry Nassar, Olympic gymnastic Dr. sentenced to life imprisonment.  This guy will never see the light of day. What a disgrace to the medical profession , to his family, and to himself.  This guy is going to pay severely. His life is going to be hell in prison.  Inmates will  seek out their own justice.  He will need protective custody but they will find a way to get to him.  Only other alternative is 24 hr lock down. What a life this guy will have. He will suffer  mightily.  Joy and happiness will cease to exist for this man. I can't even imagine the pain and suffering he will soon endure. Life has ended literally for this man. 

        Without doubt, he deserves what he gets.  I feel sorry for all those young girls that have been victimized by this man. Their innocence forever loss.  Traumatize  and betrayed by a man in a high position of authority and respect. He abused it and took advantage of these girls.  What a despicable  act done by a despicable man.  The judge did right and gave these girls a forum to tell their stories. A sort of catharsis to somehow mitigate their painful memories of anger, guilt, and betrayal. 

         Folks, as parents, a lesson to be learned from this is to communicate to your child.  Let your child know in no uncertain terms is that if  anyone  touches him/her  in any inappropriate way  to tell you right away. Let them know that you don't care who it is that touched them inappropriately.  That no one has that right. Be it the doctor, the teacher, the priest, siblings, or even the President of the United States. Make it clear that "inappropriate" means no one should be touching your private areas. That if your child is uncomfortable in anyway   with any "touching" or contact to  discuss it with you immediately .  Bottom line is to communicate  to your child and not let any misunderstanding  occur.  As parents, don't get "squeamish"  or uncomfortable with this delicate matter.   Tell them you will believe them and will support them in their claims.  "You got their back!" 

          Protect your child.  Evil people reside in our world.  Let  your communication be your child's armor and shield  against these predators.


... a monster, it's an insult to my medical colleagues, I've always believed in divine justice, this guy is going to rot in jail. He decided his destiny.

what is done is paid, and this devil will pay for his deeds.

yes friend let's remember what faces we see but hearts we do not know.