Abortion, a contraceptive method?

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As couples, it is beautiful to arrive at that sweet and precious moment in which every human being gives himself completely to the love and passion he feels for the other, but this act has been considered in recent years simply a sexual act or as they consider it some a necessary "discharge", and not a situation where you give your love to your partner looking for a deeper union, to a point such that you conceive a life. However, all this has been distorted in our society because, we have forgotten the importation of family planning.

I recognize that as subjects we have advanced so fast that it is no longer necessary to reach a marriage to have intimacy (which I try not to judge, each person owns his body), but we must remember that we must plan that "special" moment . There is a lot of information on why they should be protected during a sexual act, but remember that not only to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, but also for planning when they want to be parents, because when you are a father you must be responsible for another life.

Nowadays, a "practical" solution is being applied to those unwanted pregnancies ... abortion; this fact causes relief in women because they can decide on their body, whether or not they want that baby; also, there are countries where abortion has become a legal practice (thus allowing all responsibility for the life of that Being to fall on women), countries have allowed for innumerable arguments, for example pregnancies resulting from rape.

But, if we dig a little deeper into this ... as a woman I have often felt that abortion is taken as a solution to an unexpected consequence, especially those couples who really had to take care of themselves and simply did not do it or failed the method, ( most people think that the mother is the one who must decide on the body), but who decides for that Being that is brewing within her? Now, because instead of having this act as a solution you do not plan the life you want with your partner and the precise moment does not "let you win the desire" ...

Abortion is a practice that brings serious risks for women both from the physical point of view (serious infections, septicemia, tears in the uterus) and psychological (post-abortion syndrome), in addition the most serious and regrettable consequence is the impossibility of return the woman to conceive. With all this, I wonder, is it worthwhile to perform an abortion? If in your case it is for medical recommendations (fetuses in malformations or incompatibility with life) supports the decision of the specialist, otherwise consider that if all the women of the world at the moment they give us the news, which always causes fear, We thought about an abortion. Where would humanity be at this moment? If you do not feel ready to have a child, simply plan your privacy and therefore, your life; In addition, there are many women who have not been able to be a mother and want to be a mother, give the blessing to one of them to be able to adopt that Being.

May your life be of joy and your slogan always love. @agatav

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