Are you coffee, carrot or egg?

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At some point in life you have thought that conflicts are not bad, they are simply expressions of the diversity of interests and points of view of man, and that is why at any moment of existence we will have conflicts with our environment. Hence the importance of learning to live with conflicts and learn to assume them with a positive attitude.
Life presents you with different conflicts in which you can act in three ways, such as coffee, egg or carrot. Since, the environment and the problems can alter you that you can transform into some of these three elements. I present three scenarios where you will find the coffee, the egg and the carrot, the three of which you will place in water at a high temperature and observe how they transform.

The carrot enters into that environment harshly, believing that nothing will hurt it, let alone change it, but after a few minutes this medium transforms it from a hardness (security) to being soft, fragile, capable of being hurt. See now another scenario where you will find the fragile egg able to break its shell and harden over time due to all the habitat that changes it; on the other hand we have coffee in water (coffee beans), the only one that has the capacity to change the water where it is boiling, that is, it changes its flavor, its aroma. So it happens with us as human beings we can transform the environment or that our environment changes us.

Do not fear any conflict, there is no difficulty that can end with man. Do not be shy, do not try to hide, these attitudes will not solve any situation, nor will they allow them to grow through experiences. In times of difficulties and evolution we must lose the fear of conflict and assume that each event. Transform your environment providing your unique aroma and the flavor that only you can give to life.

You decide that you will be carrot, egg or coffee ... from my part I invite you to be coffee, changing the whole environment, captivating it with its intense and pleasant aroma when it comes to preparing it, taking it with a beautiful smile that changes your world and awakens the I like everyone ...

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