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The sexual development of humanity has been constantly surrounded by attacks of a conservative society, which indicates that this act is only for the reproduction and multiplication of man. Causing this human thought that requires the decision of both parties (man and woman) to accept the so "desired" moment of human conception to obtain a family.

However, as an evolved society, we are at the point of deciding whether or not to procreate another human being at the precise moment, also demonstrating that we are sexually responsible to assume the consequences of our own actions. Deepen a bit, in the sense of the couple, when talking about love or relationship is assumed to be a respect for our companion and this produces the need to communicate who will be responsible for protecting not to bring the world life desired. I know it may sound a little rough, but in a sexually active couple you should analyze the pros and cons of the different contraceptive methods that are available to get to the sexual act.

As sexually active people, we know the most frequent contraceptive methods, temporary ones (biological or natural, mechanic like the condom, the diaphragm, chemists such as contraceptive pills), but suppose that you are old enough to decide to continue Active sexual life without the need of worry to an unwanted pregnancy; At this point, definitive contraceptive methods, that is, sterilization, enter the panorama. In the case of women, tubal ligation of Fallopian (commonly used in our Venezuelan society) and in the case of man vasectomy.

Regarding male sterilization (vasectomy), there is a taboo in Venezuelan society, almost never heard of those brave men who decided to take "the bull by the horns" and performed a sterilization that does not affect their sex life at all and also does not cause damage to your partner; (since, it has been proven that the woman who performs a sterilization can cause hormonal changes in her, accelerating her menopause).

Now, what is a vasectomy, "is based on the interruption of the sperm via the a section in the scrotum of both vas deferens (those that transport sperm to the prostate area)." In addition, this technique is simpler than Female sterilization can be performed on an outpatient basis. Vasectomy is used in those men who do not want to have more children; It is also recommended when you have a stable partner, because this method is only to prevent pregnancies not for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, it is one of the most efficient contraceptive methods and is free of human error (as is the case of condom use), some men claim that sexual activity is improved, since it allows them to concentrate on one another without worrying of protection to use, which leads to being spontaneous with your partner. Similarly, there are disadvantages in this technique as is the presence of sperm stored in the testicular pathways distal to the differential ligation, so the use of an alternative contraceptive is recommended at least until it is demonstrated by sperm count. reveal zero.

Let's finish this topic by asking ourselves ... What if you try? Because this technique is not done if, as men, you do not want your partner to suffer consequences for a decision as difficult and complicated as the tubal ligation.

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