Woman ... Hormonal or bipolar?

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As a woman we always feel "normal" changes that we associate with our "days" approaching, those in which our organism initiates an acceleration in the hormones triggering our menstrual cycle; Sometimes we get tired, tired, sad and we do not want our relatives or partners to approach us; or at least they are the symptoms that as a woman I experience and my dear friends can be sure, that during those days I am unbearable ... or I simply consent to good movies and a chocolate that relieves all my "ills". However, days ago I was able to observe that as a woman we are sometimes "taken care of" and treat us as bipolar.

That is why, today I have decided to clarify the doubts for those people, specifically men (I do not try to offend my love, just understand how we are women), first let me specify what is happening in us as women due to hormones. Changes in mood and attitudes are the product of two hormones called progesterone and estrogen.

These hormones work in two phases so to speak, the first phase is where the production of estrogen begins which is responsible for the development of a mature ovule in the ovary; and there begins the journey where the first weeks our energy will improve, our skin and hair will be bright and silky, in a few words we will be beautiful and we will feel that way; In addition, we will be attentive to perform any activity, since, we will get tired less and our sexual desire will be high, due to the good mood in which we find ourselves; This lasts approximately 12 to 14 days where the estrogen will reach its highest level and stop producing.

There begins the second phase in which the ovary is responsible for the production of progesterone, this great hormone prepares the endometrium (which is responsible for receiving the fertilized "egg"), also within the changes of mood that can present the skin it loses its "brightness", that is, the hydration diminishes, it tends to go more often to the bathroom, as well as the hated "pimples" (acne appears on our skin); in the case of no fertilization, the progesterone production falls and the phases are reinitiated.

However, these mood changes can be controlled through a few small tips that I will give you below. As I commented at the beginning of the post, the consumption of preferably bitter chocolate is one of the most "exquisite" aids that you have, since it reduces the hormones that cause stress and will allow us to be happy and relaxed. Similarly, avoid the consumption of caffeine, as it causes irritability during those days. Eat foods rich in B vitamins.

Now, you have already observed all the hormonal changes that are suffered as a woman, where we can come to look like bipolar people, but the only thing that is happening at that moment in our body are the hormonal changes that are occurring. Also, let's not forget that bipolarity is a manic-depressive disorder, ranging from euphoria to depression. But let's leave it here ... in my next post I'll be talking a bit about that topic.


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