I dream of a world that focuses more on simplicity

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Currently we live very fast, which has made our society, live within a planet where everything is done in a complicated way, thus covering the simplicity that corresponds to our life, we must be aware of humility, since only that will allow us to Remember after our exodus. There are occasions that merit all the splendor that we plan in our brain, but that does not mean that we have to magnify ourselves with each of the things we do; We are beings that inhabit an environment that offers infinities of opportunities, which can be exploited with the best of attitudes, that is why we must reflect on every step we take daily, simplicity does not merit that we submit ourselves to our neighbor, but we know how to value
what we have and what we represent.

To be simple we do not have to complicate ourselves much, since what comes out of your spontaneity, is the most amazing thing on this planet and the responsibility of making simplicity our letter of presentation, is in us; We are the ones who decide how to show themselves to the community. The whole society deserves to see your best version, to make your knowledge a tool of humility, that generates well-being for the human species, how great it is to be able to live simply, where unnecessary luxuries are relegated by natural beauty.

A good and humble heart, will always be on everyone's lips, friendship and kindness is accompanied by the encouragement you have to do things, remember that you are only a pawn in this great board called galaxy. Put your feet firmly and withstand the pressure of a system that shows a fortuitous breakdown in its foundations, to achieve a well-being within society, we have to leave the common and begin to walk our own paths. Remember that to become king, you do not need a castle, you need wisdom to govern.

Can we change the world?

If you decide to change, your world will change, for everything that surrounds us only acts as a mirror that reflects our interior, that is, if you are evil inside, your world will be full of evil, but if your soul breathes goodness and love, the The world where you develop will be the best of all, simply because of the attitude you have towards it. We are simple beings that inhabit a great planet, we do not complicate our stay. We can have an abundance of material wealth, but if we are imbeciles, nothing we have will work for us.

The world needs to change and everything goes through its inhabitants, enough to blame nature for everything that happens on the planet, let us be responsible for our actions and push again to greatness in this beautiful world. If we are hoping to discover new ways, we begin by discovering the path of mercy, we are not carriers of a virus that kills more people than any disease, this virus is known as arrogance. Where our soul is increasingly withered by a feeling of guilt that invades our mind. Finally, I want everyone to reflect on their actions as I have done and leave a mark of love on this planet.

Author: @felixcorderito

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