Change of work // challenge to assume

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When we find ourselves in front of our first offer of employment, the following questions always pass through our minds: should I accept it? Will this work for life ?; However, from personal experience I can tell you that of course you must accept that first offer of work, meanwhile we are satisfied as professionals and we have to understand that this job is not going to be for life.

However, we can not practice labor promiscuity, as it is somewhat dangerous for our experience and recommendation for a new job. Therefore, when determining to change our work, we must study certain conditions that may be given.

We analyze our work environment, to know if we are really comfortable within the organization to which we belong, responding in an objective manner if we have achieved the professional goals that we set in the time we established, we discerned about the quality of person that we have as leader and we also consider the salary benefits that we have in the current job.

Having made this study or analysis about the current employment, it is time to decide whether or not you change employer and your decision will help you the following factors:

  • Taking on challenges when entering the new organization, will become an expectant activity in your life and that will be motivating for your professional career.

  • Progress in your abilities, skills and abilities; When we decided to take on new work and professional challenges, we faced changes, knowledge updates and new demands that would help our progress as a professional.

  • The possibility of changes in the position of the organization chart, when we face this new job opportunity, we have to understand that opportunities to occupy higher positions within the organization come into our lives, giving us the opportunity to occupy positions of leadership.

I accept that changing jobs is not easy, so the decision is made voluntarily; but when that proposal spontaneously comes to our life, it is unforgivable to let it pass; since some opportunities only come to us once.

I can only tell you that as people we must face the fear of failing, of the unknown; understanding that we are professionals trained and qualified to take on every challenge that may arise, trusting that we will overcome it.