Working day with intermittent breaks

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When we are concentrated in our place of work, in many opportunities we forget to take breaks, which causes us harm to our health. That is why it is advisable to perform intermittent breaks to exercise our body, performing exercises with a duration between five and seven minutes and with frequencies once or twice during your workday. By controlling the breath, benefits are obtained that help us to cleanse, revitalize and purify the body; organizes metabolism, heart rate and blood circulation.

Intermittent breaks during the workday are feasible to counteract stress periods of a physiological and psychological nature generated by work activity. These outcomes in your scheduled breaks, must have a series of physical exercises that allow the mobility of the length of the muscles, mitigating the static activity, product of a prolonged muscular tension, which untangle or develop fatigue.


When the work is carried out in a curved and sitting position, it is induced to:
Disorders in the process of digestion, low blood flow to the lungs, pains in the lower back, weakness of the abdominal wall and high chances of suffering from hemorrhoids.
The breaks or breaks in the work activity, are also advised to mitigate the effects produced by movements of contraction and muscle relaxation

Now, these small breaks, not only must be taken when the activity developed is with physical efforts, but also when the intellect is used, since we can suffer from nervous tension, low motor activity and therefore a rapid functional exhaustion, considering that recovery in intellectual capacity is later than physical recovery in general.

However, we must be very careful when offering a rest to the worker, since we can also fall into errors, because rest is not always the best way to rest. This is demonstrated when trying to recover the capacity of one of the members of the body, that is, if we want to recover the capacity in one leg, it recovers faster, if during its rest, the other leg performs an activity

In conclusion we can apply rest in our work places, as long as they are well planned, that is to say, that they are considered a routine of exercises that satisfy the needs that our body requires at the moment, considering the physical and psychological fatigue, according to the case.


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