I Am Fighting Acidity This Time Around

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I've been taking Sodium Bicarbonate for more than a week now and I must say that it is working. I am not sure how it will work out to some extent but I am not having that bitter aftertaste anymore. I remember that my mother was complaining about a bitter taste in her mouth many years ago but that was about her uric acid being elevated due to eating some mackerels and string beans.

So I pointed it out to her that she must control eating these types of foods and so she did took them away if not control eating foods that would elevate her uric acid and afterwards she is no longer showing signs of elevated uric acid but she eats raw bananas now for a good measure because she says that it helps about her uric acid levels. I am just glad that my mother has a good bill of health and also was vaccinated and even got the booster shot already against CoViD.

But anyway I am taking large dose of vitamin C and I guess that it is the culprit about my system acidity level. But I have to have some vitamin C in me to protect my body from accumulating toxins in a regular basis which is why I am taking Sodium Bicarbonate everytime I would eat especially if I would drink some coffee which is a good source of acid for the body.

My Nephrologist actually is telling me to take it without explanation into why. All I know is that Sodium is a bad thing to put in my body because it would elevate my blood pressure and then suffer complications from it which is why I refused to take Sodium Bicarbonate but I figured out that I needed it to balance my acidic nature due to my diet and current health status so i am taking Sodium Bicarbonate now.

It makes sense to lower the pH level for dialysis patients because normal people normally have a very good pH balance while for dialysis patients there is no natural mechanism to balance it out but to take some simple tablet like Sodium Bicarbonate so in that way it might solve some of the things that I am enduring for many years now like having this bitter aftertaste in my mouth and suffering that weird "acidic" feeling caused by my current health condition and also having to take vitamin C in my diet just for my effort to protect my body's cells from further damage. Now I have to wait some more time until I can feel the further benefits that it will bring to me.

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Fighting Acidity Is On

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