Sharing My Complete Blood Count (CBC) And Random Blood Sugar (RBS) Test Results

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My parents claimed my Laboratory (blood work) test results yesterday from that place I got tested from, the results just have to wait a day after and so we finally received them and I am just excited to see them because I know that they will tell me a much better good news.

I am just curious on how the I.V. iron had worked out for me after a couple of week and sure enough it did worked. Usually my hemoglobin only amounts to 118-121 g/L ranges but now it tells me that I got a 151 g/L which is like getting a blood transfusion and EPO injections at the same time.

The RBC count is a bit low and it is just maybe better to be in that state since a much higher count means that my dialyzer will get the risks of clogging. But of course a normal blood count is better than a lower one.

Also I have not much clue on how to figure-out my blood differential count but what I do know (by googling) is that if they are low I might be having a progressing disease process. But the Lymphocytes show that I have a good immune system which is a good news. It just takes some googling about it.

In the other hand the blood sugar test (Random) is low than I had expected because I did ate after going out to take the "RBS" test, it is not a fasting blood sugar test and I am thinking why it is so low as if I did a fast before I took the blood sugar test.

Well for one thing I am not diabetic, it is just understandable why because I am not eating enough calories or even carbohydrates and even simple sugars. I tend to eat as natural foods as possible, but most of the time I do eta fried foods because they are tastier and I needed the added calories.

My breadbasket (Stomach) only has a limited capacity plus I get satiated faster and I just can't have tastier foods that I can enjoy eating, added unto that my poor appetite disposition. But of course even though I am eating relatively healthy my body will soon go "Kaput" because it is just badly trodden upon and beaten in my time being a dialysis patient having not to receive a better treatment/management for my health, it is just that I am getting the mercy of God and taking the Kindness of other people that I was able to survive this long thank be to God.

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