My entry for Petals Contest - Pink Flower Day

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Hi Steemers!

I recently discovered @petals, a blog running several weekly flower photography contests. If you are interested in participating, click through to their blog and check out the winners posts for the category of your choosing. Happy entering!

My first entry is for #pinkflowerday - this flower bush has been flourishing the last week or so, putting out these vibrant little flowers. They don't smell of much but they sure are pretty! If anyone knows the type of flowers they are do leave me a comment and let me know, as I am not certain.

I hope my entry is valid as I know it states ending Tuesday. Fingers crossed!



so beautiful, really touch my heart. thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked it!

Thanx a lot for letting me know about this amazing contest,I am surely going to participate in it.

Glad I could introduce you to the contest, I look forward to seeing your entries @rocksg :)

Wow - excellent photos GC!

Thank you @icedrum :D hope you are having a great day!

Two very beautiful floral images @gardeningchef I hope to see more of your flower entries. 🌺

Thank you very much @trudeehunter, I look forward to entering more! Happy to have found such a contest to be a part of :)

My pleasure @gardeningchef The petals contest is a great one as it allows us to be versatile with what we post with the #flowers #pinkflowerday #yellowflowerday and #rosesopenweekend available to us.

WOW! These are sooooooo pretty! This is a new contest I had not heard about thanks for the mention and suggestion. I shall definately be entering this one
I love your pink daisy like petals. Fabulous colours a real feeling of summer.
Amazing work @gardeningchef

Glad I could put you onto the contest @sallybeth23 - I am sure you have a plethora of beautiful tropical flowers to enter!!

I agree - seeing all these flowers popping up is a sure sign of warmer summer days. Happy me!

there are a few flowers here, most are high up in the tree tops actually so hard to get quality pics of but a few at ground level..... nothing pink springs to mind yet though.

Luckily there are other categories you can enter such as yellow flower day, and even just #flowers!

I wish you will be get first winner... This is my opinion. And your photography really nice

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Aw that's very kind of you @heart0048, thank you!!

Your upvote & resteem is appreciated :)


What a nice flower picture. I love flower , because i am lover.

Glad you liked my photos @alam3e :)

Wow. Its really beautiful and very cute flowers. Awesome photography. I love your post. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Upvote and Resteem done.

Thank you for your support @isratjahan and thoughtful words :)

lovely picture ,,
great photography on natural god-gift,,

just ah perfect shot..

I hope you can give this flower name to anyone, and all the best for the competition.

I am asking people to give me the name as I do not know it.

Thank you I was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner :)

your photography level totally high
i think you love flower

Thank you for your kind words @alisalove

Wonderful photography. Upvoted.

Thank you very much @offgridlife, I appreciate you stopping by and supporting my post!!

I hope you are having a great weekend :)

Yes... a bit rainy here in Canada but at least it has stopped snowing.

Wow....Really wonderful photography [email protected]

thanks your valuable entry sharing....what a beautiful....thank you ao much...

so beautiful, really touch my heart. thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your comment

nice post and nice background giphy.gif

Thank you @fresh-faced for your kind words

You’re welcome