Sunday morning wake up call! 🪱

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Hi! My name is Pancho and I have been asked to do my weekend job and wake up the boy who lives with me. His cage is a soft cloth mattress.

I changed my skin the other night and I feel a lot more flexible than I did before. Then they took me out and I got to cuddle with the curly haired one. He is warm.


I was expecting my rat, but got the teenager. I started at his side and ducked under the pillow at first. Then I went to his legs and worked my way up to his chest and curled up in the crook of his arm as I usually do.

My job is to wake him up on Sundays. I like to absorb the heat from the arm and the stomach for a while and at first, I breathe on his face to see if he wakes up. It's risky! Because he could roll over and crush me.

They keep my tail underneath the pillow where I started in case I need to go back under there. but unless something happens, I want to have most of my body touching his body because I can't make my own heat. So, I need a human or a hot rock or even the Sun in order to digest my food

Speaking of food, I'm expecting my rat soon but I don't know when they're going to give it to me and there's no rat smell in the house yet so they might not have even bought it yet.


If this other owner ever stops taking pictures of me, I'm going to go right up to the sleeping one's lip and flick my tongue out. The soft touch is what works, like a feather, it tickles him. That usually does the trick!

I knew it! There he goes. He rolled over on me and all his weight is on me, but I am on a pillow. I hardly feel it. Even if I wasn't though, it would be okay though because I'm strong enough to hold up his weight.All I have to do is expand my body. That is what I do to open doors or climb to really high places.


This happens every week. That is of course if my girlfriend doesn't do it. She's the orange snake with the yellow and pink tongue.


There used to be a time when I could go inside the pillowcase and wake him up from in there. That way, there's no chance of me not being on the pillow when he rolls over and pushes himself up.


I noticed right away that his change of position came with a hand around my body. Now I don't have to hold on to anything. But it also means that he knows I am here. That changes the strategy of my waking tactics. I can either swing around and tickle his upper lip or I can slither through is curly locks.


Or maybe I will snatch the camera out of my other owner's hand and take some pictures of my own. What do you think?

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