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RE: My Special Memory With Our First Loved Cat "Miming"

in #pets6 months ago

aww miming is beautiful, what a gorgeous cat and must havegicen you great memories inday.
Do you know there is a Hive Pets community that you could have posted into? It was better to find an appropriate community to post into, as you will get more eyes on your post inday.


That was my mistake yesterday Kuya. Since I'm using PeakD in publishing my content, I really thought I had put it in the community. Since I'm getting used with the ECENCY Frontend, I just click the publish button unknowingly that it was not put in the community.

Anyways, it's another lesson learned Kuya. Thank you!

Yeah you have to double and triple check before you publish inday

Yes Kuya! Thank you!

way sapayan inday