My Special Memory With Our First Loved Cat "Miming"

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I was not a cat lover and never did I plan to take care of one not until Miming came into our house last five months ago. His sudden appearance in our house surprised us. Honestly, when I feed him for the first time, I was thinking that I would let him go and be back to where he came from but it never happened. He stayed with us on that very day, slept beside my kids, and even came and laid beside me.

On the first day of Miming in our house, he instantly captured our hearts. His behavior made me love him more. Every eating time, he would just wait when would his food be given to him, unlike those others that I saw who would immediately run to the table where the food is displayed.


This is the first cuddle that I had with Miming. It was one morning as I woke up when Miming suddenly jumped on my lap so I cuddled him and we took a photo together.

Mimings Different Sleeping Positions


Being put in the lap like a baby. This was Miming sleeping peacefully while his head rested on my daughter's hand and his body was on the lap of my daughter. He was able to sleep for almost an hour when he was put to sleep in that position.


Slept on my arm. This was taken one morning when I was just lying on the bed then he came beside me. Then Adam cover him with a blanket because it was so cold. After all, it was gloomy outside.

While my hand was so busy scrolling the phone, he rested his head on my arm and slept. Even if my arm hurts and became numb, I didn't move because I'm afraid that I would wake him up. He just woke up when Adam get and cuddled him.


Being hugged by Adam. Miming was very close with the kids. I think he liked it most when kids gave a lot of attention to him. Letting him sleep on the chest or hugging him made him fall asleep fast and it gave him more hours of sleep. He really was like a baby in the family and no one could resist him. He was just not cute but he was also put to sleep so fast as long as we cuddled him.


Sleeping beside my daughter while his legs were both put on my daughter's arm. When he saw my daughter sleeping, he transferred beside her and slept in that kind of position. Same as me, my daughter didn't move too when Miming was still on her arm because she didn't want to let him awaken.

This was my story about my first love Miming. We treated him like a baby in the family but one day he was gone all of a sudden. It made me sad and I cried for hours because I miss him a lot. Knowing that he became attached to us, it was really hard to accept that he was not anymore with us. He was back to its owner who happened to be just our neighbor. There were times when I heard him making sounds while I was in the backyard cleaning. I wanted to see him but I can't because he was already caged by our neighbor. Those longing that I had felt lasted for weeks but it slowly fades when we had another pet cat. Having a new pet fills the emptiness that I had felt when Miming was gone. New pets become a new source of joy for our family.

Cats and Dogs that come into our life doesn't only become our pet but also becomes our family that gives joy and happiness to our hearts.

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Oh @lheeshan06! Even just for a day, one can get attached with an animal if you spent so much time with them! The cat looks just like my pet cat now! And we have the same story! Fortunately for me, I kept mine thinking that no one owns him and later on I found out it was my neighbors. Didn't gave him back since they weren't looking for him anymore. I hope you decide to get one soon as pets are lovely addition to the family.

It's true. We can easily get attached with them. But honestly, on the first day, I was still hesitant to take care of him because of the past experiences that my youngest had gone through. He was scratch by a cat before and also he was biten by a dog, that's why, I didn't plan to have one.

It's good to know that you still keep him with you until now. And yes, we have another pet cat as of now, same color with Miming.

Cat's are naturally sweet and loving. We also have our Lala, but she's a bit stubborn 😂

Ganda ng name ng pusa nyo sis.

aww miming is beautiful, what a gorgeous cat and must havegicen you great memories inday.
Do you know there is a Hive Pets community that you could have posted into? It was better to find an appropriate community to post into, as you will get more eyes on your post inday.

That was my mistake yesterday Kuya. Since I'm using PeakD in publishing my content, I really thought I had put it in the community. Since I'm getting used with the ECENCY Frontend, I just click the publish button unknowingly that it was not put in the community.

Anyways, it's another lesson learned Kuya. Thank you!

Yeah you have to double and triple check before you publish inday

Yes Kuya! Thank you!

way sapayan inday

Hello, @lheeshan06

First of all, in the future, this kind of post would get a lot more exposure if you post them in the Hive Pets Community.

I am sorry that Miming is gone and could not be brought back to your home. My cat has been with us for a little over 3 months, and I can't even imagine the possibility of him leaving home. But it's good that you now have another cat with you. Cheers!

It was my mistake yesterday when I forgot to publish it in the community. I wasn't anymore used in publishing in PeakD coz in the previous days I was using ECENCY that's why after writing the tags, I publish it without looking that I haven't posted it in Hive Pets Community.

It's okay, the next one, you can do in the Community.
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Yes i will be much careful next time. Thank you. Have a blessed day!

You are welcome :) Have a blessed day you, too

Ka cute ni miming maamsh! Di pod ko ganahan ug iring as in na magbuhi ko pero ganahan man ahu niece pod so go nalaman

Cute jud kaayo maamsh ay.... Ako kay di ko ganahan ug miming maamsh kay nakalmot na man gud ang akong bunso sauna, mao mahadlok ko nga basin makalmot na sad siya balik pero lahi ra si miming. Buotan kaayo.

Lagi maamsh. Not all mimings are the same.char.

Hahaha true maamsh... Mao pinili ra sad akong atimanan na miming kay para sa safety sa akong bunso.

Gemingw nuon ko ni miming nga nkita nko sya ron sis..

Makamingaw bitaw sis no? Buotan kaayo na nga miming ba

He is super cute. It was love at first sight and I love how cuddly he is with everyone in the house. Just look at his eyes, so adorable.

Yeah right, he's really adorable and what I like most in him is he is a behave cat.

That's really good. You got a gem.

We had a pet named Miming too, sis. She was my first heartbreak. She died with a broken heart when her kittens died after giving birth. Umiyak pa nga sya. We all cried too.

Aww. That is so sad. Ang hirap ng ganyan. Yung napamahal mo na tas biglang kinuha ng may ari. Anyway, ang cute niya nung isang pic. Para siyang rabbit.

Kaya nga sis. Yung akala namin na walang May ari kasi nakailang weeks na din sya sa amin tapos ayun biglang nawala dahil kinulong na pala nung May ari.

Sad naman but at least, nasa may ari pa rin siya. Ganun talaga e. Di mo pwede angkinin kahit mahal mo na.

Kaya nga eh.... Parang hugot yung last line ah, hahaha

HAHAHAHAH sorry nadala lang.